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A re-post: Salazar Jack and The Great Erase.

Aeons ago, I had the idea of cataloguing the various creation tales of SL. This never came off and a page on this blog I created for that purpose remained unedited for several years. Well today I’m deleting it, but not without copying across the information on Salazar Jack’s Great Erase. This information, or rather the links within it, can not be gaurenteed but I’m loathe to lose any nuggets and slivers of his tale and so I’m copying it across to this post. Enjoy and then head over to his blog and twitter feeds to find out more.


The Creation Files

Where did this world come from? What existed before the Lindens flicked the switch and opened the doors? Nothing? Void? Or another world entirely? A few people, I am one of them, are asking these questions and seeking their answers. Here’s your handy cut out and keep guide to the creation beliefs I’ve come across.

Salazar Jack and The Great Erase.

Salazar is actually a true resident of this world having been born in the one that existed before SL but was lost in 1969 (that’s by our calendar, I’m not sure what that would have been in the pre-SL world of Sal’s family) in what came to be known as The Great Erase.

The world of Salazar’s family, called Urtahra, was a bustling, populated one that was wiped almost entirely from the face of existence by a massive energy wave that deleted all in it’s path and erased the whole world. Only a few people survived and led by Salazar’s great grandma they escaped to Earth where they made lives for themselves never suspecting that they would ever be able to return to their home-world.

That was until Linden Lab opened up Second Life in 2003. Salazar and the other survivors have slowly made their way back and found in it ghostly echoes of their former world. From the re-built city of Nova Albion to the replanted forest of Kahruvel, Salazar has dedicated himself to exploring and reclaiming as much of the old world as he can find.

Even now, five and a half years down the line, finds are still being made such asMagallen Linden’s discovery of the Nautilus landmass that Sal’s great gran remembers tales of from centuries before her own time.

So the world we know as Second Life is built on the reclaimed ruins of an earlier world destroyed in some still-unexplained disaster. Given that the Linden’s have admitted they don’t know how they missed Nautilus and have never found a cause for The Great Erase, we must all worry that this new world is not as secure as we would like to imagine…


Re: The Great Erase (From Salazar Jack)

“Only a few people survived and led by Salazar’s great grandma they escaped to Earth where they made lives for themselves never suspecting that they would ever be able to return to their home-world.”

In truth, more than a few survived. Quite a few. Acording to my mom and grandparents, over 70 people arrived with us in Kansas State on Earth, out of the hundreds that went through our portal that day. We never learned where the remaining souls went. And those that arrived with us eventually dispersed. Contact with them gradually diminished over the years. Life was quite difficult actually as the United States government was naturally very interested in our group whose sudden arrival was accompanied with little explanation. Most of us went into hiding to avoid scrutiny. A few, if the stories are correct, were apprehended and not heard from again. It was fortunate that the location we ported into was so rural and remote. It allowed some time for us to make plans before authorities became aware of the situation.

After returning here there were some stories that surfaced of others who had escaped. Like this one…

I’m not sure if the portal they used was they same one we did. There may have been more than my folks were aware of.

Ilia’s old place…

Way back in June I visited my mate Ilia’s place in Kishijoten – at the time she and a friend were tending to some rather charming ruins they had found of the old Forest of Lochraven (as well as to some equally charming sheep). At the time I meant to post the following pictures with a SLURL so you could pop over and see, but one thing lead to another and I didn’t get around to it, but hey! that would be OK I reasoned, after all Ilia was older than me (in SL – in RL she’s a mere babe-in-arms) and the ruins would be there for ages – the post could wait until after Steelhead.

Then she flippin’ went and deleted it as she left SL! Well I felt a right plonker then didn’t I! Anyhoo, never let it be said I’ll let a good post go to waste (and as Ilia is thankfully back in the warm embrace of her virtual mates I feel justified in reminding her of the gorgeousness she created! Hey Ilia – head over to Steelhead Nevermoor and take a look – you’ll love it!) I present you with the three pictures I took in my all to brief visit…

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 001

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 002

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 003

Why not head over and ask whoever you find if they’ve seen the old ruins of Lochraven – confuse the buggers, go on! 😀

A Third Tour of Steelhead’s St Helens

It was time for me to ride into town again. Since my last trip (not to mention the one before that) many things had changed in St Helens, none so much as the residents. As Frank and I slowly trotted through the morning splendour of Steelhead’s beautiful wilderness, I recorded these changes for posterity. Here, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a pictorial record of my third tour of Stelhead’s St Helens, starting with my own, hand-built humble abode in the shadow of the mighty mountain itself…
Third Tour of St Helens (HBA)_001

Third Tour of St Helens (HBA)_002

I followed the river east to where, on the former site of Autopilotpatty Poppy’s tree-stump house, Thadicus Caligari has set up camp. Frank has a knack of finding other horses, y’know…
Third Tour of St Helens (Thadicus Caligari)_003

Journeying around the back of Mr Caligari’s property, it seems Mr Vain Adder has expanded his own land holdings considerably and built an impressively large town house in the middle of the forested wilderness.
Third Tour of St Helens (Vain Adder)_004

Frank led me over the mountain and past Miss Fogwoman Gray’s charming cottage (where Frank found yet another horse to snuffle at).
Third Tour of St Helens (Fogwoman Gray)_005

Nearby, Otenth Paderborn had set up a small stables for horses (which seems to have replaced Maev Ceawlin’s balloon air tours)…
Third Tour of St Helens (Otenth Paderborn)_006

…which dovetailed nicely with the Mayor’s blacksmith’s business near the welcome centre.
Third Tour of St Helens (TLE)_008

Frank stopped for a drink in Elegia Underwood’s rather eerie pool…
Third Tour of St Helens (Elegia Underwood)_009

Whilst I’d much rather have been in her saloon!
Third Tour of St Helens (Dragons Rest Saloon)_007

Nearby, MisLily Nightfire has a truly lovely home by the border with Shanghai.
Third Tour of St Helens (MissLily Nightfire)_010

And the Asian influences from Shanghai seem to have inspired Miss Kristianna Fotherington’s home (which I think has replaced the strange rabbit tent of Katsu Catnap).
Third Tour of St Helens (Kristianna Fotherington)_011

Third Tour of St Helens (Kristianna Fotherington)_012

It was a delight to find Miss Anna Darwinian’s gorgeous wee cottage and garden still here!
Third Tour of St Helens (Anna Darwinian)_013

As it was with Miss Mara Razor’s mill – hell, St Helens wouldn’t be St Helens without Mara’s mill!
Third Tour of St Helens (Mara Razor)_015

Across the road from the mill, Thadicus Caligari has a rather lovely piece of land by the river that I think replaces the house Maxim built.
Third Tour of St Helens (Thadicus Caligari)_014

Valdyr Dreamscape has built a Jagerhut (forgive the spelling if wrong) on the site of Mari Moonbeam’s old farm & campsite.
Third Tour of St Helens (Valdyr Dreamscape)_016

Which is even more striking inside!
Third Tour of St Helens_ (Valdyr Dreamscape)_017

Frequency Picnic has moved out and her wee log cabin has been renovated by Otenth Paderborn.
Third Tour of St Helens (Otenth Paderborn)_018

Who has a rather lovely prairie meadow just above it (Frank loved the fresh grass!)
Third Tour of St Helens (Otenth Paderborn)_019

The lovely BobbiJo Jonson still has her wonderful place above the river!
Third Tour of St Helens (BobiJo Jonson)_020

As does Miss Riven Homewood, who also has some rather fine horses to boot!
Third Tour of St Helens (Riven Homewood)_021

And that ends my third tour of St Helens my dear readers. As best as I cab figure, the only place I’ve never photographed is (or was, as he’s moved out) nichus Berman’s gorgeous log cabin. Ironic really as it was nichus who kindly showed me how to make log cabins and without his help and his cabin as both inspiration and guide, I would never have built my own!

p.s. Come and visit St Helens by beaming in at my place here.


You can read more about the history of St Helens, as well as how to rent a plot there, over on the Steelhead Ning here. The rates and prim allocations (as of 29th Sept 2010 and subject to change by management, of course) are:

  • Land Fee or Buy in Price: 6144L$
  • Monthly Rental: 1800L$
  • Weekly: 450L$
  • Most lots are double prim 234 some sims offer more than double prims at an additional fee if available

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Airships over Cowell…

A few weeks back I took a trip out to Cowell (I have a home there, after all) to look at the damage left after a recent flood.

I stood admiring Sal & Champie’s work when a twin-prop passenger plane from Abbott’s flew overhead. As I squinted up into the bright sky I gasped out loud at the sight that greeted me behind the community centre – a truly huge airship was moored between the buildings like some great red whale bobbing in balmy ocean currents.

I made my way through the stone streets, over the canal bridge and through the winding maze of alleyways and cut-throughs until I was stood a few feet from the nose – this thing was just massive!



I walked up through the community building and out onto the balcony next to the ship’s cockpit – it was as beautiful as the rest of the ship, a steampunk labour of love in wood and brass. I just had to get in!


I couldn’t fly it as it was locked down to its owner (one Messer Salazar Jack I believe) but if you’d like to know more, and maybe buy one yourself, then check out Cubey Terra’s blog here, have a looksee at his page on XStreet here or pop over to Abbott’s Aerodrome in-world. Happy flying!

A Trip Over Cowell…

I popped into Cowell a few days ago – I wanted to pay Sal my rent and check my wee villa is all ok as I’ve negelected it terribly of late. It looked fine and dandy (although I really need to buy a picture from Young and Osprey to decorate the place) but I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I was nearly sucked into the engines of a jumbo jet taking off from Abbotts!
Flight out of Cowell

The slip stream sent me tumbling over the hill into Kahruvel and I jetted through the trees trying my best to avoid a serious head injury! When I managed to regain control I saw I was over the water to the wast of the great forest. Hovering nearby I saw a familiar sight, an alien craft I regognised immediately! I flew over and checked and I was right! It was my old mate Neal Lyle’s ship gently bobbing in the breeze above his camp site.
Neal Lyle's camp site in Kahruvel :)

Of the old gentleman there was nary a trace so I took a picture and flew back over the forest to turn my lights out in Cowell and head back to St Helens.

Have your say in the future of SL’s Rail Network!

I always love the Department of Linden Public Works blog posts – they give me such hope for the future of SL. Well now they are looking for *your* ideas about how to improve and enhance the SLRR network. Pop over here and add your voice!
Nish's Train

This is me driving one of Nish’s wonderful trains 🙂
Edit: See the comments for an update to buying Nish’s trains 🙂

My New Home?

Looking north from Steelhead Harbourside, I’m stood on a high mountain looking at the city that may ell be my new home soon. It is very beautiful 🙂

Burro on a Quest!

My mate Nish is not only rather gorgeous (she is!) but also bloody talented (she is!) and managed to find time to build not only several steam trains, a great steam mover and a cracking Burning Life 08 build, but also a rather spiffy multi-use explorer’s vehicle. And I have one!

The Quest 1 is an amazing vehicle every explorer in SL should have! From the comic Nish has made to advertise her creation…
Nish's Quest 1

Nish's Quest 1

…to the box it comes in…
Nish's Quest 1

Nish's Quest 1

…Nish has put together a great package that can do just about everything… including dealing out a good cup of tea 🙂

Here I am after I opened the box and the wondrous bounty within popped out (via a rezzing from my inventory – blimey! work with me here, people!)
Nish's Quest 1

Nish's Quest 1

The heart of a Quest 1 is a gorgeous leather couch which sits three people, backed with a well stocked desk that will cater to the needs of even the most demanding explorer. The desk gives out tea, displays maps of SL continents and even plays some cracking music so you can dance away the stresses of exploring 🙂
Nish's Quest 1

Nish's Quest 1

Nish's Quest 1

The couch is very comfy indeed…
Nish's Quest 1

…and it is from here that the driver can navigate, steer, change gear and much more! For instance, if you have to go underwater but don’t want to get your smoking jacket wet, just pop up the watertight canopy!
Nish's Quest 1

…or if you want to cross a mountain range without getting your wheels dirty, then fly!
Nish's Quest 1

The Quest 1 has a metric ton of features and you really need to take one out for spin – pop over to Nish’s Xstreet page and treat yourself!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to try this little beauty out on a railway. Oh yes! It can do train tracks as well… 😀

Blogs I Lurve! The Bakers truly unique world view

I first met the Bakers through a deck chair. They sent me one and I IMed to ask why – it turned out to be a mistake (although I have no idea who they were intending to post it to) and we’ve been friends ever since.

The Bakers (they are legion) share a real and passionate interest in the creation stories of our shared world and as both I and Sal have done, they are attempting to put their thoughts, theories, observations and knowledge down on paper… well, not paper exactly, more blog than paper, but you know what I mean.

You really must pop over and read their thoughts – I guarantee you’ll have never read anything as original, confusing, amazing, creative and down-right perplexing as their blog. Go now!

My Second Life Road Trip 10: Prim Overload in Natoma

At the southern border of Stillman, Frank & I crossed into Natoma and to a very welcome sight indeed, another of Sinatra Cartier’s wonderful Spook House rides. For a moment I was whisked away across half-a-dozen sims and nine moths to the start of my road trip back in Noyo.
Natoma - Sinatra's Spook House

Behind the spook house and away to the south, Natoma opened out into a patchwork of sandboxes, private houses, strange builds and the odd historical monument.
Natoma - The Man Statue

The historical monument in question is The Man, a remnant of the earliest days of The Grid. Before Linden Lab opened up the grid to public beta, the sim now know as Natoma hosted a city used by the LL bods to see if what they wanted to do (i.e. Second Life) was possible. The man was a piece of civic art in the city but once they deleted the city to make way for what was to become Natoma, it turned out that The Man survived. Once the public entered (or re-entered) he/it soon became a favourite feature for people to visit and even leave offerings with. Leaving Frank down below I climbed to the top with my old friend TR only to find a strangely lonely looking figure.
Natoma - Gazing up at The Man

He seems a largely forgotten relic of a vanishing world and no one seems to visit him anymore, let alone leave offerings. More than anything else I’ve seen on my road trip, The Man seems to sum up how the world that was created has all but gone, buried beneath flood after flood of new residents and new land – an explosion from this centre leaving behind echoes and memories.
Natoma - Gazing at The Man

Moving off with a heavy heart, Natoma did nothing to improve my mood. A wonderful robot build was blocked from exploration by ban lines…
Natoma - the Carling Black Label Bot

…the last remaining private houses seemed stranded and cut off by the endless, untidy sandbox regions that surrounded them, such as Tcoz Bach’s place on Mount Natoma…

…or Luke Lorentz’s place…

…or Delerium Digeridoo’s empty Delirium Castle.

In fact, by the time Frank and I had trotted through the bleak, flat sandboxes to the real reason people come to Natoma these day, the Ivory Tower of Primitives, I was actually contemplating stopping my road trip althogether.
Natoma - Deeper into the  testing grounds

But then I got to the tower and all (well, almost) was forgiven. Built by Lumiere Noir it is a shining example of what residents can achieve in this world, not just for themselves but for the good of all people. There it stands (actually the second tower – the first one originally stood in Noyo) open to all so anyone – ANYONE – can freely learn how to build. This is a skill I do not have and am in awe of in others so to find a place dedicated to providing this knowledge did my travel weary soul good. Natoma is a place of many contradicting styles and builds, but it has a good heart and that makes it, in my mind at least, just what Second Life is all about. I can’t recommend it as a place to visit, but I can urge you to go and learn how to make this world a more beautiful place.
Natoma - Ivory Tower of Prims 1

Natoma - Ivory Tower of Prims 2

Natoma - Ivory Tower of Prims 3

Natoma - Ivory Tower of Prims 4

Natoma - Ivory Tower of Prims 5

Yours in Travel,
HeadBurro Antfarm

To be continued…