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Goodbye Osprey…

Friends of Osprey as well as those who followed her online would know of her long time battle with MS. I’m sad to say that its a battle she lost yesterday, although she did so on her terms which sums up Osprey perfectly – she lived life her way.

Os was my mate in SL, the single person most responsible for my staying in SL after the initial novelty of the place wore off in early 2007. She gave me purpose, diection and a chance to create. She shared her world and friends generously and I will always love her for that.

The Army of Os

You can leave a message on her SL page here.


Calling All Ducks – Nova Albion’s 7th Anniversary Need YOU!

From Ducks

Saturday 19th March 2011 at noon SLT – meet under the Grignano Arch and let’s quack in the 7th! Everyone and anyone welcome to join us!

A re-post: Salazar Jack and The Great Erase.

Aeons ago, I had the idea of cataloguing the various creation tales of SL. This never came off and a page on this blog I created for that purpose remained unedited for several years. Well today I’m deleting it, but not without copying across the information on Salazar Jack’s Great Erase. This information, or rather the links within it, can not be gaurenteed but I’m loathe to lose any nuggets and slivers of his tale and so I’m copying it across to this post. Enjoy and then head over to his blog and twitter feeds to find out more.


The Creation Files

Where did this world come from? What existed before the Lindens flicked the switch and opened the doors? Nothing? Void? Or another world entirely? A few people, I am one of them, are asking these questions and seeking their answers. Here’s your handy cut out and keep guide to the creation beliefs I’ve come across.

Salazar Jack and The Great Erase.

Salazar is actually a true resident of this world having been born in the one that existed before SL but was lost in 1969 (that’s by our calendar, I’m not sure what that would have been in the pre-SL world of Sal’s family) in what came to be known as The Great Erase.

The world of Salazar’s family, called Urtahra, was a bustling, populated one that was wiped almost entirely from the face of existence by a massive energy wave that deleted all in it’s path and erased the whole world. Only a few people survived and led by Salazar’s great grandma they escaped to Earth where they made lives for themselves never suspecting that they would ever be able to return to their home-world.

That was until Linden Lab opened up Second Life in 2003. Salazar and the other survivors have slowly made their way back and found in it ghostly echoes of their former world. From the re-built city of Nova Albion to the replanted forest of Kahruvel, Salazar has dedicated himself to exploring and reclaiming as much of the old world as he can find.

Even now, five and a half years down the line, finds are still being made such asMagallen Linden’s discovery of the Nautilus landmass that Sal’s great gran remembers tales of from centuries before her own time.

So the world we know as Second Life is built on the reclaimed ruins of an earlier world destroyed in some still-unexplained disaster. Given that the Linden’s have admitted they don’t know how they missed Nautilus and have never found a cause for The Great Erase, we must all worry that this new world is not as secure as we would like to imagine…


Re: The Great Erase (From Salazar Jack)

“Only a few people survived and led by Salazar’s great grandma they escaped to Earth where they made lives for themselves never suspecting that they would ever be able to return to their home-world.”

In truth, more than a few survived. Quite a few. Acording to my mom and grandparents, over 70 people arrived with us in Kansas State on Earth, out of the hundreds that went through our portal that day. We never learned where the remaining souls went. And those that arrived with us eventually dispersed. Contact with them gradually diminished over the years. Life was quite difficult actually as the United States government was naturally very interested in our group whose sudden arrival was accompanied with little explanation. Most of us went into hiding to avoid scrutiny. A few, if the stories are correct, were apprehended and not heard from again. It was fortunate that the location we ported into was so rural and remote. It allowed some time for us to make plans before authorities became aware of the situation.

After returning here there were some stories that surfaced of others who had escaped. Like this one…

I’m not sure if the portal they used was they same one we did. There may have been more than my folks were aware of.

Where I am…

Where am I? That’s a good question you didn’t ask there and therefore you deserve an answer. Aren’t you glad you came? Don’t bother about trying to leave, I’ve locked the door. And the windows. And that chimney has been blocked off for years. Now sit down and let your Uncle HB tell you all about it. It all started with a couple of dickheads…


~~~~ wavey fade dissolve ~~~~


… And that’s how it went down. What do you mean you nodded off? Look, I’m not going through it again, I’ll recap the end part but that’s your lot, jeez!

  • HBA is staying in Steelhead St Helens but selling three of his five plots (contact me if you’d like one – mate’s rates of course).
  • HBA is also keeping his place in Cowell – it would take Sal burning the village to ground to get me out of there!
  • Ryne is staying in Steelhead Shanghai renting from Krystine.
  • Ya Yiwama I have yet to decide about – he’s either going to rent from Gia in Shanghai or move to Bay City and rent from Marianne McCann.
  • Alt No 4… Whilst there *is* no fourth alt yet, I *may* just create one to RP in Bay City instead of Ya Yiwama (who was only ever created to be a monster after all, hence the name).

What this means for my writing is that once “Gang Wars” has finished (it’ll be over very soon, at least my part in it will be) I’ll not be doing another one in Steelhead for a bit. I’ve done more than 18 months of writing there and whilst I’ve got more ideas, I don’t have the same drive. I refer you back to the starting point of this wee fireside chat. Let the babies have their milk and all that.

No, I’m going to be writing some stuff set in and around Bay City. Noir stuff. Horror noir. Think “Steal Head” mixed with “Goodunnit” but with Primouth motors instead of airships.

Nova Albion’s 6th Anniversary Parade

It’s that time of year again – paradin’ time! First is Nova Albion’s celebrations for its founding in March 2004 and this year the event was planned by the always energetic LisaHot Juran (who also arranged a stage & 3 hours of live music after the event!).
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Osprey wanted to recreate the history 1887 Attack of the Ducks and so lots of us dressed as ducks and took to the streets with budgies, orcs, sword-maidens, Babbage urchins, Bay City kids to name but a few!
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

We all fought through fierce lag storms that blocked loads of folks out and even bent time itself so sims appeared to wink out of existence…
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

By the time we reached the end, we could see Salazar had nearly rebuilt the famous arch laid low by a grid quake last year
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Before the music kicked in (and I crashed out for an hour – bloody SL!) we had the street naming ceremony where the road outside Pituca Fairchang’s park & windmill was named after her late SL & RL partner, Garth. His passing is still felt by many residents and for me it was lovely to meet Pituca for the first time.
Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade

Next is the Bay City Parade and then maybe I can persuade the Steelhead Town Council to hold one, eh? 😉

p.s. Mark your diaries now – March 2011 for the 7th Nova Albion Anniversary Parade – come along and join in the fun!

Rebuilding the Nova Albion Arch

Waaaaay back last year a grid-quake caused the collapse of the long-standing arch in the Grignano quarter of Nova Albion city…
Nova Albion's Broken Arch

Well recently Salazar hired a (frankly bloody enormous) crane and started repairing it in time for the city’s 6th anniversary parade and I just had to go and take a look.
Rebuilding the Nova Albion Arch

Rebuilding the Nova Albion Arch

Rebuilding the Nova Albion Arch

Rebuilding the Nova Albion Arch

Like I said, one bloody big crane!
Rebuilding the Nova Albion Arch

Coming back to the same old gubbins…

Well, I’ve missed SL these last 2 or 3 days. My wee head has been full of (other than snot I should say) storylines for HBA & Ryne and I’d like to get back to writing them. I’m less angry about the snapshot error (please vote on the Jira here) and therefore thinking about returning.

That was until I started reading up on the blogs.

Lindens gone & Viewer 2.0 being less that optimal. yay.

Maybe I’ll stay out here a bit longer, huh? See what happens before I come out from under the duvet?

But then this *is* SL – it’s never perfect and always frustrating and it’s the only show in town so what choice do I have?

Argh! Who am I kidding? I love it! Yes SL is a big bag of gold nugets & shit, but at least there’s some gold, eh?

Righto then, see you this weekend for the Nova Albion Parade (which will lag like a bastard, crash many of us out several times, not allow group chat and deny any snapshot uploads but which will also be fun), ok?

A SteelCobra over Sansara

Whilst I was over in Bay City admiring the work going on at the site of the planned fairground, I noticed a helicopter passing overhead. A quick check revealed the pilot’s name to be one I recognised – SteelCobra Calamari, Emporer of Steeltopia & friend of Steelhead. A quick radio call and he put his whirlybird down right next to me with practiced ease…
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

It seemed he was on official SCSE, Steeltopia Consortium of Scientific Endeavors, business and was exploring the oldest part of the grid (and my old stamping ground) North West Sansara! He ofered me a lift and how could I say no?
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

In no time at all we were soaring over some very familiar landmarks (well, familiar to me and readers of this blog – they were pretty new to the SCSE!). We followed Route 66 past the old Bay City asslyum and into Nova Albion
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

Where we passed over Salazar’s bridge in Nova Albion
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

Over the ever-busy Ahern welcome area…
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

And into Oak Grove which is next to my old home of Murray 🙂
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

Where I had to bail out as RL was calling – but a huge thanks to SteelCobra for both the lift and the chance to bore someone new about the history of SL 😀
SteelCorbra Calamari of the SCSE

The Malted Bunneh!

My mate Enjah has been a busy bee of late – she’s been making more and more films and her latest is a real doozie! Tiny noir reaches new hieghts with her wonderful film “The Malted Bunneh”, a tale of greed, lust, deception and murder in Nova Albion city!

And like any good filmmaker, she’s even added a blooper track!

p.s. Is it just me, or is Officer Hawkins the best looking one in the whole film?

Bay City’s Fairground Breaks Ground!

A recent call from Marianne McCann sent me dashing over to North Channel, the region between Nova Albion & Bay City to see the latest exciting development in Bay City’s exciting short life – following a meeting of the Bay City Alliance, Michael Linden was hard at work on raising an island to house a fairground! I TPed over and found the access route shut off…
Bay City Fairground

Pressing ahead I could clearly see just how hard Michael was working – he had a barge set up and the Alliance’s plans set out so he knew exactly where to dredge and where to drop.
Bay City Fairground

Bay City Fairground

I had to leave but when I came back a few days later, the land mass was all but finished! Next stop, add the rides!
Bay City Fairground
(That’s the ‘burbs of Shermville at the top and the Grignano region of Nova Albion to the right)

I can’t wait to see how these plans turn out!
Bay City Fairground