Goodbye Osprey…

Friends of Osprey as well as those who followed her online would know of her long time battle with MS. I’m sad to say that its a battle she lost yesterday, although she did so on her terms which sums up Osprey perfectly – she lived life her way.

Os was my mate in SL, the single person most responsible for my staying in SL after the initial novelty of the place wore off in early 2007. She gave me purpose, diection and a chance to create. She shared her world and friends generously and I will always love her for that.

The Army of Os

You can leave a message on her SL page here.


Calling All Ducks – Nova Albion’s 7th Anniversary Need YOU!

From Ducks

Saturday 19th March 2011 at noon SLT – meet under the Grignano Arch and let’s quack in the 7th! Everyone and anyone welcome to join us!

Me, but BlipVerted!

Thanks to Kumi for pointing this out to me – Pummelvision will squash your flickr, tumblr (what the bugger happened to all the ‘e’s? on the web?) or facebook photos and give you a super-fast film thingie like this…

Here are my friends’ vids:

The Bay City Blues…

I missed Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary Parade. After all that planning I sodding well missed it. I didn’t mean to but the Gods that rule either/or/and (delete as appropriate) SL’s lag & my PC conspired to give me a whole weekend of crashe. Things would start out OK, but then everything would start t o g e t v e r y s l o w







before crashi

ARGH! In the end I couldn’t get back in so I buggered off to watch telly & brood. I did manage to take some shots before I exited the field stage left – here are a selection but there are lots more in the Bay City Flickr Group. Also check out there folks for their far better (and longer) experiences: Marianne, Osprey & Adric. And a big old TY to Mari & her Bay City/Nova Albion friends for arranging such a fun event!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_021

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_016

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_012

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_002
p.s. That Duck! is me!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade (2010)_006

Join the Bay City Parade this weekend

Come join Bay City’s 2nd anniversary parade this Sunday 16th May at 12 noon SLT – you’ll have a great time!
Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade Poster

Marianne McCann (and all the Bay City planning team) have done a great job organising this year’s celebrations – don’t miss it! Here’s the route – join us at the start point (SLURL: City – Argos/11/11/24) for the parade or meet us at the end point for the party!
Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade Map

Osprey has put a call out to all Ducks. QUACK!