SL Client

Emerald Shemerald!

Will everyone (except Adric and Osprey) please stop talking about Emerald as it’s fucking dull. Cheers.

SL on hold again.

Right. We’ve all been here before so I’m not going to bore you with details, suffice to say SL is once again proving to be a total twat and I’m just not enjoying the misery of trying to log in only to see grey boxes everywhere. I’m not logging back in for a bit and I’m not blogging about it either – the whole bubblefuck can can fall off a very steep fucking cliff for all I care. I’ll stick to Left 4 Dead 2 for now because at least that fucking well works and is fun.

Any RP I’m involved in, well consider me on hold. Email me if you want to otherwise I’ll try again in August.

All the diodes down my left side…

I have a snazzy computer. OK, it’s not a shit-hot gaming machine, but it didn’t cost me £2,000 so I never expected it to be. But still, way back in December 09 when I had the Great Graphics Card Balls Up (had to buy a new card, it didn’t fit in my PC or on my motherboard and I ended up buying a whole new PC in kit form and building it myself) I expected great things from it.

Well I’ve only had great-ish things from it.

It plays games wonderfully but it still finds SL a grind at times and a couple of weekends ago things came to a dramatic head when it simply refused to play ball during the Bay City 2nd Anniversary and I missed the Parade.

I think I’ve fixed it – I’ve certainly had no problems since Osprey’s advice, but in case anyone is looking for help with a similar issue, here’s what I did:

1) Cleared the cache. 4 times. Result: On relog things back to normal but not for long.

2) Defrag HD. Twice. Result: None.

3) Added 2Gb memory to take total to 4Gb. Result: None I can see so far but not tested much yet.

4) Switched on multi-threading in the SL client prefs (this was Os’ advice and it helps SL cope with multiple programs running on the computer). Result: This seems to have cracked it and I’ve had no problems since.

All in all it’s been hard to tell what worked as I was doing everything at the same time (bar adding the memory – that came a few days after and the system was running OK by then) but if you’re having problems, try the multi-threading thing out. Note, this is different from multi-threading on nVidia graphics cards which is about linking cards together.

Snapshot Tip via Osprey

Back in March I read on Osprey’s blog about a great little hack that has really speeded up my SL experience – having the recipient email address field pre-filled when using the “Postcard” snapshot option. It’s hard to explain as I’m not very technically minded, but you just edit a small XML file and drop the required email address in and that’s it – next time you press the SEND button, your chosen email address is there meaning you don’t have to type or C&P it. I used my Flickr address until a few days ago when I joined Snapzilla – now I use the system/address they provide that sends my pics to Snapzilla *and* Flickr 🙂

Go here for the post from Osprey.
Go here for a free XML editor
Make a copy of the floater_postcard.xml file BEFORE you edit it, peeps 🙂

EDIT (16th June 2010): Here is the text of Osprey’s post for ease of reference:

I knew it was possible however just never bothered to fiddle around to make a default email address show in the Snapshot pane, but this morning I was searching the jira and ran across an old issue
with Dedric Mauriac’s very helpful comment at the bottom:

After talking with SignpostMarv Martin, I found that I could edit the floater_postcard.xml file and define the default email addresses with the following line:

()email adress goes here()

(<) = ) = >
Obfuscation added by me intentionally.
Easier to see it on the jira as Blogger and Linkification alter the code if I don’t change it.
So I added the address I wanted and it works perfectly.