SL Landscaping

Ilia’s old place…

Way back in June I visited my mate Ilia’s place in Kishijoten – at the time she and a friend were tending to some rather charming ruins they had found of the old Forest of Lochraven (as well as to some equally charming sheep). At the time I meant to post the following pictures with a SLURL so you could pop over and see, but one thing lead to another and I didn’t get around to it, but hey! that would be OK I reasoned, after all Ilia was older than me (in SL – in RL she’s a mere babe-in-arms) and the ruins would be there for ages – the post could wait until after Steelhead.

Then she flippin’ went and deleted it as she left SL! Well I felt a right plonker then didn’t I! Anyhoo, never let it be said I’ll let a good post go to waste (and as Ilia is thankfully back in the warm embrace of her virtual mates I feel justified in reminding her of the gorgeousness she created! Hey Ilia – head over to Steelhead Nevermoor and take a look – you’ll love it!) I present you with the three pictures I took in my all to brief visit…

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 001

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 002

Ilianexsi Sojourner's Place 003

Why not head over and ask whoever you find if they’ve seen the old ruins of Lochraven – confuse the buggers, go on! 😀

Come see Nevermoor…

Steelhead is expanding again and the seventh sim (the third since I arrived 18 months ago) has just opened! Nevermoor is a dark gothic forest full of forgotten ruins, over-grown grottos and majestic elven statues – and it’s renting now! Pop in-world here to explore and drop TotalLunar Eclipse an IM to find out more about renting (or read about it here on the Ning).

Now follow me and Frank as we braved the dark, creepy ruins of Nevermoor…
Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_001

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_002

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_003

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_004

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_005

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_006

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_007

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_008

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_009

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_012

Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_011

And here’s the man behind it all – Lunar 🙂
Exploring Steelhead Nevermoor_010

Steelhead Stories: Antfarm Lumber & Timber Supplies Now OPEN!

I’ve been hard at work in St Helens and can announce that Antfarm Lumber & Timber Supplies is now open!
HBA Sawmill working_004

I’m employing one of the latest steam engines to power my mammoth saw blade and it’s making quick work of the trees in my forest at the base of Mt St Helens…
HBA Sawmill working_002

As you can see from this aerial shot, the log flume takes the felled trees right down into the river where they can be either rafted up and floated to Shanghai & Port Harbour for transport out to Babbage, Steeltopia & the like, or they can be loaded onto my mighty saw and planed into planks in no time!
HBA Mine_004

Hmmm… I’m not sure what that cave-like rocky outcropping is at the back of my forest – maybe I’ll head up there and take a look…

In the meantime, remember that for all you lumber & timber needs, Antfarm Lumber & Timber Supplied uses only the finest trees from Steelhead’s own forests of St Helens!

HBA Lumber Stamp V1b

Rosedale – As Camp As Christmas. In Easter.

At the same time I visited Kapor, I popped next door to Rosedale where Naughty Mole had been equally busy remodelling and dressing the sim in an amazingly OTT & fun Easter theme. Never let it be said that Kapor & Rosedale are boring empty spaces any more – or subdued and tastefully decorated 😀 Fun was Naughty Mole’s aim and she hit it dead on 🙂

The link between Kapor and Rosedale lies over a series of stepping stones in front of a waterfall and under a rainbow. Kansas this ain’t, Toto ;-D

Whilst Kapor has bunnehs, Rosedale has chicky chicks and boy they are soooo cute!


Even though Rosedale is largely as camp as Kapor, the eggs and balloons begin to peter out towards the northern border and it becomes quite lovely and peaceful build (which shows Naughty’s range quite well I think).

And the Lighthouse is just lovely!

Get yourself over to Rosedale and see for yourself – remember, these sims are SL history guys 😉

Easter Eggs in Kapor

Y’know how the Moles have been working over in Kapor?

Well I’ve been popping back to see what they’ve been up to and back in March Naughty Mole finished her work there (as well as in neigbouring Rosedale – more of that in a future post) and it’s very different from her work in Murray. In place of Murray’s seaside charm she’s slapped on a thick layer of camp Easter fun…

The eggs and lolipops are clickable for wearable goodies and the bunnies are hoppy floppy cute 🙂
Kapor_002 Kapor_003

But best of all are the rideable egg-balloon things – there is simply no macho way of sitting on them 😀


Get yourself over there and have a poke about – it’s good, clean, silly fun and who doesn’t need some of that every now and then, eh?

Boating Around Murray

Murray, ahhh Murray. Shining jewel of the inland sea (well, *near* the inland sea) where the Moles have been busy and Burros slightly less so. The LDPW has long ago moved on to fix up other sims and I’ve been tardy about exploring all the shiny new aspects of my old home – well no more! I popped back in to take a trip around the old homestead in one of Naughty Mole’s free yachts…

I took it for a spin past the beach huts, the channel here is narrow and I pranged the rudder a fair few times so be warned!

It looks like a much larger vessel may have tried a while back and now only its rotting carcass marks the spot where it ran aground…

At least the previous (and I hope long gone!) owners were good enough to leave a little something behind 😉

Sailing into deep(er) water I noticed three creates bobbing on the surface…

When I got to them I could see something beneath the waves… time to dive!

It seems these waters used to be a whole lot rougher than they appear to be now – yet another wreck was half-buried in the sand and silt with flooded crates now no more than homes for some very cute wildlife 🙂


Pop over to Murray and explore for yourself – the locals are (mostly) friendly and you’ll be slap-bang in the middle of SL’s first sims 🙂

Disaster in Rodeo! Kahruvel Erased… AGAIN!

I was pootling around in St Helens building a log cabin when an IM popped up from Neal Lyle: Get to the Forest! Something terrible has happened! Rodeo has gone!

Rodeo? Gone? I assumed he meant the sim had winked out of existence. It happens. Red mapped we used to call it – the whole sim just vanished leaving perfectly straight cliff walls tumbling into an inaccessible sea where once hills and valleys could be explored and enjoyed. It takes a while, but The Powers That Be can bring these lost lands back pretty quickly (and since Havok 4 came into being it seems to be quite rare) so as I TPed over I simply thought this would be a panic over little.

I should have known better. This was Neal, not some three-week old newbie still green around the gills. Neal knew the grid. Neal knew what warranted an urgent message and what didn’t. I should have known.

Rodeo is still there, but it looks as though everything on it has been erased! The land looks like it must before human (or otherwise) hand had touched it. The tower was gone. The standing stones and the aqueduct too. The idol’s head Ilia found, gone. All gone.

Neal and I both IMed Sal, but he was out-of world and there was nothing we could do but wait. It was terrible thing to stand on the hill over looking the inlet and see all I have loved about the first since I found it three years ago simply gone.

The old BB blog header

New BB Blog Header - Kahruvel & Rodeo

Rodeo Erased!

I heard on Sal’s twitter feed that he’s alerted the Linden’s, but he sounds worried and if Sal is worried we all should be. What if this is the work of the Great Erase? What if it has followed me back from Shade?

Mutations: Chapter 1 – Seeking Isolation.

Far from the taunts and the stares of Steelhead I hauled my canoe onto the riverbank that led up past an icy stream to the snow-laden forest that was my new home. I stood in the early morning chill and listened… nothing… pure silence.
Steelhead St Helens

Around me nature was slumbering under winter’s blanket, even the river seemed sleepy and slow as it gurgled past, innocently hiding the fact it was deeper and colder than hell itself.
Steelhead St Helens

It was a steep climb up into the forest, the trees creaking under their snowy burden as I passed beneath them. I spotted the yawning maw of a cave hidden in the gloom and made note to be on the look out for curious and hungry bears come spring.
Steelhead St Helens

A sudden roar of steam had me ducking for cover! It seems my new home had its own central heating system in the form of a geyser that erupted every fourteen minutes or so in a most impressive manner!
Steelhead St Helens

Looking down and back to my landing spot I knew I had made the right decision in coming here. Yes Beck was worried, but if not what the doctor had ordered then this glorious isolation was what the patient needed, I reasoned. Since I had entered this world I hadn’t for one moment been alone. The Elemental severed my connection with my creator, the fire swallowed up the Elemental and his damn backpack, and Shade had connected directly with my mind during The Erase. Since then I had managed to have only one voice in my head and I liked it that way.
Steelhead St Helens

I pitched camp by the water and lit a fire to boil some tea and warm what was left of me. Canvas would do for now, but I wanted more than that. I looked first at the trees high above me and wondered how many I’d need to build a cabin. Then staring across the river to Mara Razor’s mill, I began to wonder about approaching her for regular supplies in order that I wouldn’t have to venture into town.
Steelhead St Helens

My tea finished I moved over to the stream to wash my cup. Under the silent gaze of St Helens I gazed at the stranger staring back at me from the water and drew up my plans never to see a living soul again. After all, who in Steelhead wanted to see this walk amongst them?
Steelhead St Helens: Burnt HBA Reflection


To be continued…

All the “Mutations” posts can be read here.

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More Moles in Kapor

After working her magic in Murray, Naughty Mole has moved on to Kapor and is turning a small, empty bump of land in to another landscaped eden! Now if only the waterfall had a cave behind it…

Come Visit Murray By The Sea (Moles not included…)

Time for an update on Murray, my old home, I think. What? You agree? Goodo!

Well, I popped over recently and found that Naughty Mole has added a metric tone of plants to beautify the place as well as some rather lovely paths with half a mountain of buried stones. She’s also added some Brighton style beach huts and one of them is a nifty place for changing your appearance – try it, it’s pretty clever 🙂


Whilst there I bumped into Naughty Mole (who’s been charged with renovating the old infohub) and her colleague Silent Mole (who looked a little different the last time I met her :-D) and they were working on the cool toobs (they were updating the scripts in them, but they were using original Ben Linden toobs from 2004!
Moles in Murray
Moles in Murray Murray