By the light of alien stars: A tale of a terrible takeoff and a lovely little landing…

By now you’ll know of my near fanboi crush in Isinona, and you may also know I’m not alone as his amazing videos have been picked up by Frontier Developments themselves as shining examples of how to be amazing in their sandbox world – given he was making these amazing videos about Elite: Frontier, a 20 year old game at this point, as recently as a year or so ago I think it’s only fittings he (or she, I don’t know) is given a mention by FD because he/she obviously bloody loves what FD do.

What you may not know is that Isinona’s style has inspired me to start making videos myself. I had wanted to for a while now but I’ve struggled with the style as I’m not much of a talker and getting a decent patch of time to myself is hard. Well Isinona’s style is perfect because there is no voice over, only minimal text on screen to tell the story, which means I can stitch a tale together from various short recordings. So I’ve been trying it out this weekend. I still need to work on the overall look, but I like where I’m heading and have a much longer one planned documenting a very successful salvage trip from start to (profitable) finish. In the meantime here are the two short offerings I have come up with, one showing a terrible take off and the other a much cooler landing. Enjoy 🙂

By the light of alien stars: An Elite Dangerous combat guide.

I’m not a fighter, I’m a flier. Not for me the swoop and shoot of deadly combat, instead I like the Zen blur of star systems supercruising by.

But the universe is a cruel beast at times and a peaceful soul such as me is occasionally drawn into a brawl. At moments such as these it’s touch and go whether or not I survive which is why I appreciate the time and effort fellow players put into guides such as this:

If you, like me, are also struggling with fending off suicidal AI pilots or ganking jerks then you could do a whole heap worse than read Iain’s guide. At the very least you won’t make a tit of yourself by squeaking out a strangled “gnm!”  sound like me…

Meanwhile, in SurvivalCraft… How To Upload Worlds!

SC HBA 0One of the many marvelous things about SC is that you can upload and download texture packs and worlds created by the community, but the act of uploading isn’t quite as straight forward as it might, at first thought, seem. I always assumed that Kaalus hosted all the worlds on a server somewhere but this would be hideously expensive so what he does is allow the players to upload their own worlds & textures to Dropbox and then put a link to that location in the community content section. Given that I’m always confuserated by this, I decided to make a video to demonstrate and explain. I had intended it to be 5 mins long at the most… it’s 13. Fail 😀

Here’s my 13 minute long “How to…” video with the totally pro ending 😉 If you want me to do any more “How to…”s leave me a comment.

Whilst over in Minecraft… A Tour of Termite Canyon, Part 1

When I started playing MCPE last year, my first world was called Termite Canyon and I built a heck of a lot in it. From the first house protected by a fence and moat, to the undersea glass dome that eventually burnt me out in the game I set about turning this whole world into a fun playground of mines, farms, lighthouses and ruined temples – and now I can share it with you too 🙂

I’ve been filming all the various areas of Termite Canyon and then pratting about with the video editing of them on my tablet. The sound quality isn’t great but I’m sure you can live with a little hiss 😀

So without further ado, here is the first in a series of videos taking you on a tour of Termite Canyon – enjoy and comment 🙂

All my Termite Canyon posts can be found here and the youtube playlist is here.

Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the second!


Twelve hours is a long time in the video editing world, it seems. As I was typing up my last post yesterday afternoon, my tablet was rendering another video for me, or rather it was failing to. I did mention how I’d moved from VidTrim to AndroMedia for reasons of quality. Unfortunately AndroMedia failed to render videos more often than it succeeded, and at 2+ hours a time that’s a lot of wasted time. Something had to be done.


Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the first!


It’s only been ten short days since I rooted my trusty old 1st Gen Nexus 7 and installed SCR Screen Recorder and I’ve already added more videos to my YouTube channel than I managed to do in all the years I’ve had one! Here’s what I have learnt in the last ten days on filming, rendering & uploading:


Whilst over in Minecraft… Wandering through Kahruvel the movie, episode 3

In the third and final part of this first video tour of the Kahruvel shard, I start where I left off in episode two on the shores of the old northern lake. The sun rises above the long forgotten temple and I enjoy the spectacle before winding my way back through the forest via the snowy tundra back to the PJMT HQ cabin for a cake in Papa Burro’s cafe 🙂

Whilst over in Minecraft… Wandering through Kahruvel the movie, episode 2

Here is the second part of my wanderings around the K-shard 🙂

In this episode I pick up where I left off in episode 1, at the bottom of the inverted ziggurat unearthed in the desert plain. The fun thing about MCPE is that you can’t see who has built what. In SL that info was only a right click away, but here it remains a mystery and I like that. In this shard of the old forest I know I’ve built a lot of stuff, but equally I know I haven’t built it all…

Whilst over in Minecraft… Wandering through Kahruvel the movie, episode 1

I thought it was about tine I filmed a circuit of the Kahruvel shard discovered by Justin over at the PJMT. Here is part one showing the sights around the PJMT HQ building, past the mushroom mine and wheat farm to the old stone circle and out to the grim stone head staring out from stop the old hill. Enjoy 🙂

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Video Numero Uno!

Now that I’ve rooted my tablet and worked out how to record my gameplay, I’ve uploaded the first of an irregular series of videos documenting stuffz that interests me in Survivalcraft & Minecraft Picket Edition.

This first one shows how I’ve used a creative world in Survivalcraft to layout the main blocks available so I can test out new texture packs quickly and easily. It’s short and a bit rambling but here it is all the same 🙂

The world seed is wowsers and the texture pack is called 1.22FanverModv4saturated.PNG from the community download section in-game.