HBA in Cowell

Cowell coming alive?

I’ve been re-establishing my links with my old stomping grounds on the Sansara mainland recently and as part of that I’ve been checking out my old place in Cowell (kicked off in part by tweets from the Trust who look after Kahruvel and a visit to the village by Tish) and I’ve remembered just why I love the place 🙂

This is the view along the canal from east to west.
Cowell (March 2011)_001

This is my neighbourhood, with Ilia’s shop next to the news stand.
Cowell (March 2011)_002

The bridge over the canal.
Cowell (March 2011)_003

Sunset on the obelisk.
Cowell (March 2011)_005

Bridges, arches and alleyways.
Cowell (March 2011)_008

The village square.
Cowell (March 2011)_009

The community hall.
Cowell (March 2011)_012

The southern sea.
Cowell (March 2011)_014

The walkway across the lands washed into the sea.
Cowell (March 2011)_015

The view from the western edge of the village.
Cowell (March 2011)_021

The lighthouse and the aerodrome…
Cowell (March 2011)_023

The one thing Cowell needs is people. Its streets are empty, its square quiet. It has a community hall with no community to meet in it. If what I hear from Sal is right, that might be about to change and the Trust might… just might… be about to open up the village for rentals 😀

Where I am…

Where am I? That’s a good question you didn’t ask there and therefore you deserve an answer. Aren’t you glad you came? Don’t bother about trying to leave, I’ve locked the door. And the windows. And that chimney has been blocked off for years. Now sit down and let your Uncle HB tell you all about it. It all started with a couple of dickheads…


~~~~ wavey fade dissolve ~~~~


… And that’s how it went down. What do you mean you nodded off? Look, I’m not going through it again, I’ll recap the end part but that’s your lot, jeez!

  • HBA is staying in Steelhead St Helens but selling three of his five plots (contact me if you’d like one – mate’s rates of course).
  • HBA is also keeping his place in Cowell – it would take Sal burning the village to ground to get me out of there!
  • Ryne is staying in Steelhead Shanghai renting from Krystine.
  • Ya Yiwama I have yet to decide about – he’s either going to rent from Gia in Shanghai or move to Bay City and rent from Marianne McCann.
  • Alt No 4… Whilst there *is* no fourth alt yet, I *may* just create one to RP in Bay City instead of Ya Yiwama (who was only ever created to be a monster after all, hence the name).

What this means for my writing is that once “Gang Wars” has finished (it’ll be over very soon, at least my part in it will be) I’ll not be doing another one in Steelhead for a bit. I’ve done more than 18 months of writing there and whilst I’ve got more ideas, I don’t have the same drive. I refer you back to the starting point of this wee fireside chat. Let the babies have their milk and all that.

No, I’m going to be writing some stuff set in and around Bay City. Noir stuff. Horror noir. Think “Steal Head” mixed with “Goodunnit” but with Primouth motors instead of airships.

The Reading – New Film from TSMGO Studios & Mysterio Productions

My mate Enjah has been working hard (very bloody hard!) on her new movie – and what a doozy! She’s leapt from 2-3 minute comic shorts to a 9 minute drama set in the gorgeous seaside village of Cowell & mighty forest of Kahruvel, places close to my heart 🙂

So, without further ado, I present the latest TSMGO Studio release of the Mysterio Production*, The Reading…

* Don’t let Enjah’s modesty fool you. This is almost entirely the product of her hard work and certainly my only input was a few discussion emails and a very dodgy East European accent ;-D

Airships over Cowell…

A few weeks back I took a trip out to Cowell (I have a home there, after all) to look at the damage left after a recent flood.

I stood admiring Sal & Champie’s work when a twin-prop passenger plane from Abbott’s flew overhead. As I squinted up into the bright sky I gasped out loud at the sight that greeted me behind the community centre – a truly huge airship was moored between the buildings like some great red whale bobbing in balmy ocean currents.

I made my way through the stone streets, over the canal bridge and through the winding maze of alleyways and cut-throughs until I was stood a few feet from the nose – this thing was just massive!



I walked up through the community building and out onto the balcony next to the ship’s cockpit – it was as beautiful as the rest of the ship, a steampunk labour of love in wood and brass. I just had to get in!


I couldn’t fly it as it was locked down to its owner (one Messer Salazar Jack I believe) but if you’d like to know more, and maybe buy one yourself, then check out Cubey Terra’s blog here, have a looksee at his page on XStreet here or pop over to Abbott’s Aerodrome in-world. Happy flying!

Cowell is vanishing?

Report to follow… can’t talk… too shocked and upset…

EDIT (8 hours later): Salazar has confirmed that the land and Champie Jack’s building has been washed away by an ocean surge of unknown orgin but tests indicate it was a random eveny and does not indicate a wider instability in Cowell. He also says that the prims the wave has freed up will lead to to remodelling rather than direct rebuilding. Watch this space! Hat tip to Douglas Quinn for alerting me!

EDIT (19th April 10): Sal has added some links on the Kahruvel website about the Rodeo Incident & the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust plans for the future.

Cowell is vanishing!_002

Cowell is vanishing!_001

A Trip Over Cowell…

I popped into Cowell a few days ago – I wanted to pay Sal my rent and check my wee villa is all ok as I’ve negelected it terribly of late. It looked fine and dandy (although I really need to buy a picture from Young and Osprey to decorate the place) but I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I was nearly sucked into the engines of a jumbo jet taking off from Abbotts!
Flight out of Cowell

The slip stream sent me tumbling over the hill into Kahruvel and I jetted through the trees trying my best to avoid a serious head injury! When I managed to regain control I saw I was over the water to the wast of the great forest. Hovering nearby I saw a familiar sight, an alien craft I regognised immediately! I flew over and checked and I was right! It was my old mate Neal Lyle’s ship gently bobbing in the breeze above his camp site.
Neal Lyle's camp site in Kahruvel :)

Of the old gentleman there was nary a trace so I took a picture and flew back over the forest to turn my lights out in Cowell and head back to St Helens.

Another night with friends

Way back in March I was sat all alone on the edge of the SL museum in Phobos (next to the Eleanor Theatre – you can’t miss it) sending out notecards for the Nova Albion 5th anniversary parade when who should hove into view but Enjah!
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

I finished up and leapt into The Seahorse for a trip around the bay…
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

…before she whipped out her trusty airship to fly us north towards Davenport…
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

…via Bodega (hey! I can see Osprey’s house!)
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

Passing through the western most edge of Bodega we found a sleeping Young akip on her feet amid the foundations of her new home (now finished – read about it here)
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

An afternoon with Enjah & Young

Young woke up in time for Enjah to jet us all off to the west, past her new tree house…
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

…and into Cowell…
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

…to my home!
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

And as the evening drew in about us, we settled down for a cup of tea…
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

…and a game of make the Burro blush as he pretends to write a blog post!
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

All too soon night had descended (rather in the manner of a stunned sparrow, I thought – falling quietly & from above) and my friends had to depart. Funny how the house seems so depressingly quiet when your party is over…
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

I’m a very lucky Burro indeed – here’s to good friends!
An afternoon with Enjah & Young

Griefers over Cowell

I was busy making my new home in Cowell (more soon) nice and, well, homely when I saw the tell-tale signs of griefers attacking the forest behind me again. Sigh. I know they can’t do any real harm and I know we shouldn’t give them any publicity, but they really are a bunch of pointless wankers.
Attack on Kahruvel

Moving into Cowell

I’ve wanted to live in Cowell since almost the first time I visited (the first time was a noob when I thought I’d found Cornwall but hadn’t – that was another sim) way back when I was still fully human. So imagine if you will, dear reader, my sense of giddy delight to have finally moved into one of Salazar’s gorgeous white buildings by the sea. I have chosen well and now occupy the two top floors of the very last building before you leave Cowell and enter Noyo – it has a wonderful view of the sea and is backed by the scented winds of the great forest. I don’t think I could have chosen a better spot, could I?

Cowell Cowell

I had 200 prims to play with so furnishing my new home has been a challenge to a man not used to such things – I’m discovering just how big and inventive the low-prim furniture market is 😀

On the roof I have my faithful (and very old) sky hopper parked next to my small veg plot…
HBA in Cowell

Whilst inside I’ve added lights to both my living room and my bedroom-cum-study. There is always a hot cup of tea waiting for you if you pop by – don’t worry if I’m out exploring the forest or sailing to Palomarian, just make yourself at home 🙂
HBA in Cowell HBA in Cowell

I’ve planted some vines out on the terrace – feel free to sit and watch the sun on the water in the peace and quite of Cowell, the village by the sea…
HBA in Cowell