What a Burro’s playing – March 2014 update

It’s been a few months since I last wrote one of these posts but the last couple of weeks have seen a surprising change in my gaming that has awoken an old worry of mine that I’m going to poke at again and see if I can’t answer it once and for all in my next post (spoilers: I don’t think I can).

Right now:

Guild Wars 2: As amazing as it seems, I’ve become slightly, but only slightly, addicted to this again. I only really got into it after I agreed to download it again for my son who, like me, has grown a little bored of nothing but Minecraft to play. True I have also had Left 4 Dead, but that’s a little on the mature side for him so I re-installed GW2 and watched him play for a bit and suddenly I felt the old familiar urge to run about brutally solving the often minor issues of total strangers for pretty much worthless rewards and BANG! I was hooked again. This re-start coincidentally happened to coincide with the total destruction of Lion’s Arch and man alive was that fun! True it’s a zerg-fest but I don’t mind zerging too much – at least I can hide my incompetence in the crowd 😀


MCPE: Update 0.8.0 was great! Minecarts were added along with some nice farming changes & graphical updates and the whole thing felt brilliantly fresh and fun again. I had a blast in Termite Canyon and really only stopped because I played the arse out of it. I’m waiting for 0.9,0 which will, if the tweets coming out of Mojang are right, be another great update that adds even more fun. We are while off Realms yet I think and that’s a shame because that’s exactly what I’d need to make this my ‘go to’ game again

Pioneer Spacesim: In my desperation to play Elite Dangerous I downloaded this free Elite Frontier mod and tried it out with my new Hotas X flight stick & throttle. The results were, to say the least, underwhelming and I shan’t be playing it again. Ever.

Left 4 Dead 2: Ahhhhh, what can I say about this game that I haven’t already said. It’s just amazing fun. I’m not as good as I was 5 years ago when I could do the levels on Expert (with the right team, of course) but I can hold my own in Advanced even with a basic PUG. Cold Stream is still a bloody nightmare though ;-D


Second Life: Nope. I didn’t even make it back for the memorial of my mate Os. I thought I would but missed it and then found, whilst sad I missed seeing Sal, Ilia, Enjah, Holo, Mari, Tak and my other friends that I was relived I didn’t have to struggle with the experience of logging in, lagging out and seeing nothing but grey blocks. Lately (by which I mean the last couple of days or so) I have found myself missing this world a little but I don’t think it’s been enough of a pull to tempt me back. Not yet, anyway.

LOTRO: It must be the GW2 effect but I’ve been missing this world too. Not enough to actually go back into the nasty grind-fest that it is, but still missing it a little. Maybe one day someone will make a less grindy, more explorable Middle Earth and then I can finally be the Gondorian explorer I’ve always wanted to be.

Survivalcraft: Christ no! No way! The last few updates have moved further and further away from fun game play and more into the realms of boring twaddle. There is now a bow you have to load each time to fire by dragging an arrow from your inventory to the bow. This is a game with limited inventory space, non-stacking arrows and a ranged combat system that is, in a word, shit. My life is too short too waste it on non-fun things. 

Borderlands 2: This is a strange one. I just stopped. Don’t really know why. I just stopped and I don’t think I even noticed. I do that a lot with long story driven games. Thief (all of them). Walking Dead. LA Noire. Never finished any of them. What a waste.

Ingress: Nah, I’ve totally lost the plot here. I’m not a social gamer and you reallllly need to be for this to work. Oh, and I need the app space too much 🙂

Carmageddon: Not even the boy is playing this one now – it’s ok but just limited.


Elite Dangerous: Still the big dawg on the horizon, I’m looking forward to this more and more with each Alpha update I watch on youtube. It just looks amazing! The flight is smooth, the combat challenging, the visuals drop dead gorgeous. Oh man this is the game I want right now! This is the game I’d turn the shed into a cockpit for and end up on the local news in the “And finally…” humorous nutjob section.

What are you playing right now? let me know in the comments below.

Adventures in Ingress: Hitting level 6…


Snapping up portals around King’s Cross I hit level 6. I tell you what, portals swap hands quickly on the city! No wonder you can burn through levels in a place like London.

Adventures in Ingress: London Calling…

In in London again and whilst working on my papers for tomorrow’s meeting I noticed a hell of a lot of unclaimed Portals around St Pancras & King’s Cross so I grabbed my phone and went for a late evening wander.

I now own most of King’s Cross, all of St Pancras and a few bits of the British Library 😀









Tomorrow I think I’ll try and reclaim the small park I took over in my last visit. Wish me luck!

Adventures in Ingress: A sprightly wee thing…

My Ingress client updated overnight and I’m now on v1.30.2 and it’ a sprightly wee thing indeed! Gone are the large screen-covering windows and in are small pop-up toasts messages informing you of stuffz. Also the hacking animations are pretty slick now with a more firework-y type pop of particles and wee 3D icons whizzing about – it’s all very pretty 🙂

Here’s a video showing the changes from this great site:

Adventures in Ingress: Battle Royale

The Smurfs didn’t manage to take all my portals back yesterday so I went around at dinner and claimed back what I could and took a few new ones for good measure. I had just sat down at my desk when my phone huuwuumed to let me know someone was attacking my newly gained gains. I opened up the scanner just in time to see the one portal I can sometimes reach from my desk (the fickle gods of GPS willing) being attacked.

The fickle gods were indeed willing and I hacked right back in and so began an Epic Battle of Epicness! As he took down portals I threw them back up, as he smashed in shields I lashed more on. I sucked up all the XM I could and broke into power cube after power cube to keep up with the dizzying speed with which he attacked my portal until I received a message from my enemy.

“OK, I’ll let you keep that one :)”

I had won and, being honest, it was a hell of a thrill 😀

Adventures in Ingress: Sticking it to the Smurfs

I had a big surprise when I reached work today… The Smurfs had lost a couple of their portals to some enterprising Enlightened players! Good lads! They had taken down two of the main linking portals  and broken the largest MU fields.

I took a wander at dinnertime and decided that if the green portals had survived over the weekend then the Smurfs who took down my gains last week must have gone home for the summer. It was tine for my take over plan!

I started small but quickly gained in confidence as portal after portal fell to me and the thrill of the battle was upon me 😀




I took portals all over campus until I had taken over nearly the whole place! This is how it looks now…


Not bad, huh?

Small edit… As I’ve been writing this, the head Smurf has returned and has already ripped most of my  work apart. Actually that’s good news as today’s fun got me to level 5 and if I have to do it again I’ll be on my way to 6 😉

Games… What’s in and what’s out in the Burro household.

This is a filler post, I’ll not lie to you. I have a post about Elite half done and I can’t seem to finish it and that led me to thinking about what I’m playing, and not playing, at the moment.


Second Life: Nope, I can honestly say that I never even think about this game now. Sometimes I wonder what kept me in there for so long but then I remember all the fun I had in Murray and with the TSMGO guys and in Kahruvel and the answer is obvious 🙂

LOTRO: Holy crap no! This game I don’t mids in the slightest. Nasty grindy thing.

Guild Wars 2: I haven’t played this since November now and I don’t really miss it which is still a source of some surprise to me.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: The last update (0.7.0) didn’t really do it for me so I haven’t picked this up again. I might do once Realms goes active but that rather depends on how much server access costs.

Survivalcraft: Nothing is really grabbing me about this any more. The last update didn’t float my boat and the upcoming one isn’t making me tingle either. Maybe it’s something I’ll come back to, but I’m not so sure given my track record for leaving games and not looking back.


Borderlands 2: Oh boy, I’m loving this game. Nuff said. Apart from Handsome Jack is amazing and Claptrap’s bistro dubstep is brilliant. wub wub wub wub.

Ingress: Silly escapist fun, I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would ever have done but it really makes me wish for a fuel cell battery in my phone 😉

Carmageddon: I bloody loved this on the PC many moons ago and now I have a version of it on my tablet. A riot of bad taste 😀


Elite Dangerous: Now this is the biggie I’m looking forward to, but more of that in a future post…

What are you playing right now? Leave a comment below. Or don’t, it’s OK either way, I’ll still love ya 😉

Adventures in Ingress: Land grabs & power struggles…

Not much time for blogging at the moment but I have had a lot of fun playing Ingress lately.

For a start, whilst in London I managed to grab some badly neglected Resistance portals both near the hotel, in a nearby park and hidden away in a public place that was hard to access. This latter one alone has ensured that whilst the enraged Smurfs took back some of my portals very quickly, others have held out for a whole week! Take that London dwelling level 8ers! A lone level 3 from the sticks opened a whole can of Enlightened whoopass on ya! 😀

This is the park I took near Russell Square single handedly. I have to say it was a real rush, especially with my phone battery seconds away from dying as I took the last portal away from the lazy Smurfs 😉




Still, every silver lining… Whilst I was in the Smoke some Smurfing chancer took down all my portals in my home village! The swine! But another lazy swine for when I managed to pass by them tonight I found he’d let them all run low so I stopped and nabbed them all back 🙂

But the icing on the cake was a  chance gain at work today. The level 8 Smurfs there have the place locked down tight but with exam time upon them they’ve been distracted and let their portals run down without recharging. More lazy Smurfness, I’m seeing a pattern. Imagine my surprise when I found one had become gray & unowned. I snaffled it up PDQ and all but skipped back to my office knowing that amid the sea of smurf-holes I had opened the first ever Enlightened portal at the University 😀


Thirty minutes later one of the level 8’s ripped it apart, but I consoled myself with the thought of his surprised look when he noticed the portal that had been blue a few hours ago was now green! Oh the joy! I bet the Smurfs never thought it could happen to them in their blue fortress farm but there I was, a quiet insurgent watching and waiting and biding my time… bahahahaha!

Adventures in a Ingress: Expanding empires…

I have three portals in my home village now and have linked two of them. I still need a portal key to drop for the final link and then I’ll have completed my first zone of mind unit control, albeit a very small one. Hey! I’m just one man here, and a lazy one at that.


On top of that expansion I’ve had some unexpected success in a London. Almost as soon I stepped off the train I found one unowned portal and another two Resistance portals on the edge of collapse. I took one of them down [I’ll get the other tomorrow] and snaffled the unowned one in double quick time and even managed to link them!


Not bad for an Ingress loner, huh? 😀

EDIT (17/06/13]: Woke up this morning to find some passing Resistance player had taken one of my London portals back and severely damaged the other. I’ll be correcting this cheek soon 😀

Adventures in Ingress: Awash in a sea of blue…

I can see my office from here...

I can see my office from here…

See that mass of blue? Well I’m slap bang in the ruddy middle of it! Me! A loyal Enlightened foot soldier for Jarvis nuts-deep in stinking Resistance fuck-buggery.

Sigh. It ain’t easy being green.

Still, I have a plan. The map above is the University where I work and I can see from the portal owners data that there is only a small number of Resistance devils on campus – only the fact they are a) Level 8s and b) living here 24-7 means I can’t get a foothold (they even nabbed a portal I had submitted the second it was approved!) but come the summer they will have left and I will be still working here. All alone. Unmolested by their Level 8 shenanigans. Oh yes, by the time the Uni opens again in mid-September I shall reign supreme and I will be wallowing naked and glorious in a sea of green, lovely lovely green…

In the meantime I’m stockpiling my supplies by hacking the bejesus out of these blue portals every day and hoping against hope at least one Jarvis virus drops.

Please Jarvis, look kindly upon this poor wretch and infect me with your glory. And virus, you mucky pup.