Mobile Me… The Hunt for the Perfect Phone!

This is such a First World Problem but then, as this is a blog about wasting my life playing computer games, please feel free to register you vote of disgust here

My problem is that I can’t find a new phone.

There’s nothing really wrong with my current one except it’s old. It still does what I want it to – browse the web, send emails, take pictures, film stuff and make the occasional phone call – but I can’t shake the feeling I want a new one. Now partly this is down to the desire for a new toy to play with, but there is also the very real (1st World – see here if you’ve forgotten how to complain) problem that I running out of app space on it. I don’t have that many apps but the fact Google make all of theirs unable to move to the SD card means I’m constantly having to delete apps to install their updates.

But I can’t find a new bloody phone.

Oh, I can find a phone obviously, just not one I want and it’s really grating away at me (complain here). I don’t ever want an Apple anything in my life and I can’t bring myself to even consider a Windows phone. I’m an Android lad through and through but the choices in Android come down to the following:

  • Over-sized, over-priced, bloat-ware filled horrors from Samsung, HTC, etc.
  • Poxy under-powered pieces of crap from everyone and his dog
  • The Nexus line from Google which don’t have any bloody SD card slot. Ever. FFS.

Do I want the latest slab from Samsung that will try to monitor my very bowel movements before I’ve even had them? No. Do I want a tiny piece of crap that fell out of a cracker? Take a guess. Do I want a Google-experience only Nexus. Yes! With 16GB memory and no SD slot? What? NO! Stick it up your jacksie! Sideways!

After those options it all get’s a little pointless even looking.

So what do I want from a phone? Well it’s simple really. I have a Galaxy S2 and I like it a lot. It’s fast and light and feels good to use. I want a phone the shape and size of the S2 but with more power, a much, much better battery and none of the Samsung shite I never, ever use on there. And I want it to have the voice activation of the Moto X. And some fancy NFC capability like the Skip 2. And a whole heap more app space because I’m sick of deleting Maps, G+ and Chrome every time Google Now needs an update. Oh, and I want it for no more than £150. Now someone snap to it and make it so before I have to come out there and start slapping you all senseless.


I’m the best phone ever. Stop whining and buy me, you loser.

Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the second!


Twelve hours is a long time in the video editing world, it seems. As I was typing up my last post yesterday afternoon, my tablet was rendering another video for me, or rather it was failing to. I did mention how I’d moved from VidTrim to AndroMedia for reasons of quality. Unfortunately AndroMedia failed to render videos more often than it succeeded, and at 2+ hours a time that’s a lot of wasted time. Something had to be done.


Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the first!


It’s only been ten short days since I rooted my trusty old 1st Gen Nexus 7 and installed SCR Screen Recorder and I’ve already added more videos to my YouTube channel than I managed to do in all the years I’ve had one! Here’s what I have learnt in the last ten days on filming, rendering & uploading:


Mobile me… Rooting, casting, editing and uploading for fun and (no) profit!

I’ve had a busy old day and no mistake. It started off with me rooting my old V1 Nexus, a nerve-wracking experience I’m in no hurry to go through again but thanks to this guide it wasn’t really all that hard. Still, oy vey.

Once I had rooted my N7, restored a backup and reinstalled my apps, I installed a nifty little app called SCR Screen Recorder that needed the rooted access in order that it can record whatever is happening on the screen.

I fired up Survivalcraft, found out that I’d forgotten to back up my worlds and therefore lost them all including Antland! Oh well, these things are transitory anyway. I recorded the first two and a half minutes of my creation of a new world just to see how the software worked. The file turned out to be 150Mb at 720p which is a little on the large side.

So I used an app called Video Trim to shrink the file size down to a more manageable 30Mb, although I’m not happy with the drop in quality so a little more practice is needed, I feel. Any tips on this stuff will be gratefully received.

Uploading to YouTube couldn’t have been easier, and I just shared it directly from the gallery on the Nexus and in seconds it was up on my channel for all the world to see, like this 😀

I’m not sure what my plans are, but I’d like to film some of my son’s builds and post them here and on his blog here. We’ll see, we’ll see…