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Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Ohhhh, a truth table! I see the logic of that!

In my last post on this subject I said that I had no idea what Kaalus was on about in his post. I still don’t, but my old SL mate Dale has shown me the light and in doing so opened my eyes to the potential of Kaalus’s Truth Table and maybe even revealed a little of where the talented Survivalcraft dev is going with his huge logic system overhaul.

In a nutshell, which is how simple souls such as I like things delivered, the ‘truth table’ will allow you to set an output condition from up to four (more of you chain tables & system together) input conditions. Which is to say…

Imagine you are creating an adventure map for other players to play through and you want to build a system whereby the player has to flick a switch in one part of the map, trigger a pressure plate in another and activate a sensor in a third before you will allow a door to open and then add the fact that this door will only open at night – well how would you do that? The truth table, that’s how! The switch, the pressure plate, the motion detector and the light sensor could all be wired up to the truth table and you could set the table to output a 1 to a door (which would open the door) only when all four of the inputs (switch, plate, & both sensors) are outputting a 1 at the same time!

Now maybe imagine another puzzle where playing certain notes in a number of different music systems would give you the right combinations of outputs for the truth table to open a door to escape… or release a pack of werewolves into the maze… or reveal the next clue… or set off a series of timed explosives that are working their way towards you right now!

These are just the ideas that have occurred to me today and I’m not a very creative soul so you can imagine what the clever players out there will come up with! This will make adventure maps very powerful, I think 🙂

Now it’s true that I can’t see much use for all this logic in the current (1.22) survival game, but if Kaalus ever adds mechanical blocks such as pistons and engines, and moving blocks such as carts and rail bogies then I can see a real potential for sophisticated mining rigs that could turn a laborious dig into a useful quarry controlled from afar and responding to inputs such as transportation & storage availability. Now that really would be giving MC a run for its money! Let’s hope Kaalus is turning his attention to mechanics after his electrics update in 1.23 🙂

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Feed the beast!

In the next (1.23) update to Survivalcraft, Kaalus is adding a fun new mechanic to some of the animals; stubbornness! Apparently the horses will start refusing riders too 😀

Rear more here:

10 years of blogging. Blimey.

I just saw this notification from WordPress and it seems I’ve been blogging for 6 years now! But when I thought about it, I was even more shocked when I factored in my previous blog. I’ve been blogging for 10 bloody years now. Sweet baby jesus!


Promote your gaming blog here… Well, not here…

When Syp ran the Newbie Blogging Initiative last year Roger from Contains Moderate Peril had the very good idea of starting a blog to aggregate posts from anyone who wanted to add their blog feed to it. And all for free! Told you it was a good idea 🙂

Why not head over to The Gaming Blog Nexus and add yours (for free!) so more folks can read your excellent stuff. Go! Go now!

A new dog on the block (see what I did there?)

Rudedog’s in town and he’s not taking any prisoners! One of the most talented builders I’ve ever seen in MCPE, he’s eagerly awaiting the iOS release of Survivalcraft and judging by his work that release can’t come soon enough! Follow his new blog over at and check out his bloody amazing MCPE build in this post here.

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft: Kaalus has only gone and released the huge 1.21 update!

Apple have turned down Kaalus latest submission of Survivalcraft and although Kaalus is confident it’s a technicality he can overcome quickly, he’s decided to release 1.21 to Android & Windows before the Apple crowd get it which has caused 95% of his fan base to self-combust with naked joy. I’m a little less naked & combustive, but only just 🙂

Read more here:

p.s. the cattle driving mechanic looks fun!

Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft, Another Stranded Soul!

Over on the next island to Antland a stranded soul is journaling her struggle to survive after she too was marooned. Pop over to and follow her progress. So far she’s survived hungry wolf packs, angry bear attacks and a forest fire that burnt her tree-top house to the ground!

Holy Reader Spike, Batman!

Woah! The reader stats for this blog jumped from around 30 a day to over 200 yesterday and nearly 300 today (and its only 7am). It seems my Survivalcraft page is gathering a lot of hits and these seem to be coming from a Reddit thread about the game but I’m assuming some come from the game itself, from the linked sign in front of my house.

I wonder how many people have downloaded Antland? Well, I hope they are enjoying it 🙂

Google+ Communities looks nice…

I’m sure that G+ Communities aren’t new, but I’m still finding my way around the whole shebang and hadn’t noticed them until the always awesome Daniel Voyager invited me to his SL themed one. I can see there are a few for Minecraft Pocket Edition but none for Survivalcraft yet.

And no, I’m not going to start one. My days of Yahoo Groups and Cthulhu forums are well behind me now. I’ll join, maybe, but I’ll not be starting one.

Help him check his Survivalcraft furnace!

There’s a new shipwrecked soul in town and he’s playing SC on cruel mode – that means if he dies it’s game over for that world so the stakes are high. As you can tell from my recent outbursts, cruel is not a setting I will ever play on so you should head over to and follow his progress.

Do you know what else? For me it’s nice to have another mature player of the game to read, someone with limited time and young kids that I can relate to as opposed to the shouty 10 year olds who seem to infest the game’s main website. Ahh, the lot of us betabletted-dads is a tough one 😉