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Meanwhile in Minecraft… HBA in MCPE: Owla – The First Village!

In my last post I showed what I suspected was a village in Owla and in this video I take you on a tour of Green Harbour, the first village I have found, just in time too as the latest beta update contains the first pass at villager trading which is going to be excellent!

Now I just need to find emeralds. And build a fence around the village. And a dock. Two docks. And a road. And a railway. And stations. Oh god…

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Owla’s first village!

Oh sing hosanna! If this map I’m working on is to be believed I think I’ve just found my first village!
I’ll start the camera and record what I find 😁

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Owla: A Most Mysterious House!

The completion of the map room beneath my house has led, predictably, to a period of exploration as I work to add maps to the wall.

The bottom left of the map above shows a dark area that is actually a murky swamp and is where The Witch lives and so I explored it with care. Imagine my surprise, dear reader, when I saw this oddity rising out of the swamp!

By the time I reached it night had fallen and I was thankful the was a ladder up into safety. I had a nosey around and clearly someone is living there, but who? Maybe I’ll return with a gift…

Meanwhile in Minecraft… The Owla Witch is at home!

I went out scouting for a suitable fishing hole and came across more than I bargained for.

The Witch of Owla’s house!

And she was at home!

I managed to get a good look around without her noticing me before I had to retreat and now I know where she lives I have to decide what to do about it.. 

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Owla: Teach a Burro to fish…

Ok. The map room is done. The mine is done. The escape tunnel is done. The farm is done 

Time to go fishing!

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Farming Owla!

After many, many days of hard, back-breaking toil in the field my farms are beginning to bear fruit.

From wheat for making bread and cane to boil out sugar to wool and leather and eggs and meat, my house is groaning at the seams with good, wholesome food 

Now, if only I could find a potato or a carrot…

Meanwhile in Minecraft… MCPE Owla: Adding a map room!

I like my house in Owla but it’s quite small and I’ve been struggling with where to build a space big enough to display a large map I intend to build. 

Well I’ve bitten the bullet and excavated a huge area out from under house. I’ve cooked up so much stone and polished up as much granite as I could find and now the next step is to make the place look presentable do I can get some maps up.

I can’t tell you how many stone pickaxes I’ve gone through just to clear this out… Ye gods…

Meanwhile in MCPE: A Witch in Owla!

Damn it! Just when I thought I was safe another witch turns up and starts lobbing poison around.

Bloody soggy magical bint.

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Owla: Baby Zombies can ride whatnow?

Have I told you how much I hate baby zombies? Have I? Because I bloody well do! Little shits!

Meanwhile in Minecraft…Owla: Nooooo! My iron!

One thing you should never do is gather materials with the wrong tool. With that in mind see if you can spot the exact point I miss the bleeding obvious in this video…