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HBA in MCPE: Update 1.0.4 is upon us!

Ghost has released the latest update to Minecraft Pocket Edition and it brings in villager trading.

I also sing a song about sailing. Enjoy.

HBA in MCPE: Testing a Texture Pack in Owla

I should preface this post by stating that I like the base MCPE textures and I’m not desperate to change it, but given that it costs so little to test them on my phone I thought I’d give then a go.

I need to follow up that preface with the statement that whilst I like the base look I am deeply in love with a cartoony look and have been since I saw it on the Yogscast Jaffa Cake Factory series, but the cartoon version that comes with MCPE (for a small fee) seems to have some issues showing the right texture for the right items and it’s very distracting.

So, with all that said, here is Owla but using the Natural texture pack. My review is “OK but a little busy and dirty looking – the search for one I love goes on!”

HBA in MCPE: Farming Fun in Owla…

Sometimes you just have to unwind and de-stress…

HBA in MCPE: A Quick Tour of Owla in Late Feb 2017

I’ve made some big changes to my house in Owla and this is the last video I made before the changes to my house. Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever.

HBA in MCPE! A Terrible Loss in Owla…

Something terrible has happened. I… I still can’t believe she’s gone…

Here’s how it all went down *sob*

HBA in MCPE: Owla and the raid in Witchmere Swamp!

I had decided to map more of the great swamp to the west of my house. The villagers call it Witchmere Swamp but refuse to discuss it beyond vague dire warnings and so I thought it best to explore its extent.

It’s large, huge actually and proved very easy to become lost in but the most surprising thing about Witchmere was not its size or the fact it was crisscrossed with fresh water channels but rather the fact that the witch, “my” witch, is not the only witch in the swamp!

The second witch had another hut on her own boggy island but she also had a collection of gelatinous cube creatures bouncing around. The library in Green Harbour has a book on horse husbandry that mentions these slimy beasts and how their slime can be used to construct leashes for training and keeping horses and so I drew up a daring plan to get some of this sticky gold.

The only problem? It was nighttime and the small island was crawling with monsters…

HBA in MCPE: Owla… Witch. Die. Repeat.


She did it again! And then again! And then again!

I hate, hate, really hate!, witches…

HBA in MCPE: Owla and The Night of Many Fights

Blimey! It’s all kicking off in Owla!

The Night Of Many Fights started in the day when I saw the tall skinny guy again. After stalking it though the grass until he once again visited my map room. Fearing for the life of Clucksabel, my favourite chicken, I was gripped by panic and launched myself at the strange creature…

It that wasn’t the last fight for me as shortly after I was convinced I saw the Swamp Witch behind my house and in my investigations I became embroiled in a seemingly endless series of scraps that left me exhausted!

Meanwhile in Minecraft… Owla’s first docks and a tragedy in Green Harbour!

After finding my first village I realised I could avoid a dangerous journey there by going in a boat along the coastline. Little did I know the size of the construction task I had set myself, nor the danger I had placed the peaceful villagers of Green Harbour in .. 

Meanwhile in Minecraft… An unexpected visitor in Owla!

I had spent a long day in the nearby woods chopping logs ahead of my docks project and by the time I was making my way home it was already dark so I used the mine entrance get inside quickly.

The mine connects to the house halfway along the stairs into the deep map room and due to an earlier near-death incident I have added a glass wall to stop any eager beavers running off the end and falling to the stone floor below.

Imagine, dear reader, my shock at finding someone in my house gazing in silence at my maps!

My shock turned to fear when I realised my visitor wasn’t human! 

As the figure became aware of my presence it turned to face me!

It was tall and thin, unnaturally so, with spindly limbs and glowing purple eyes. I didn’t see a mouth but the moment our eyes locked it let out a truly terrifying scream, a sound like iron bars being pulled apart inside my skull and then it winked out of existence and reappeared at the bottom at the steps, scant meters away from me.

I didn’t hang around to chat but instead I bolted upstairs and barred the basement door behind me!

When the thin monster didn’t appear in the basement I chanced a quick glance down the map room stairs and saw that the creature’s unnatural height had worked in my favour and he had become jammed under the low roof of the stairs!

He glared at me, strange purple embers burning in the air around him, before he vanished completely leaving the house silent and empty once more.

Who, or rather, what was it? What was it doing in my house and what did it want with my maps? How did it get in and, more importantly, how the hell do I stop it getting in again?