Elite Dangerous: A Burro muses on the signs of war in 1.0 (aka “It’s quiet… too quiet…”)

Do you know what I saw to indicate I was currently at ground zero for all the bloodshed, brutality and horror a civil war inevitably brings to the population? Nothing. Nada. Not even tumble-weed. On my short journey betwixt star and station I was interdicted a grand total of no times by either side or by police or by vulture-like opportunistic pirates. I was in no way inconvenienced by either checkpoint or blockade. I was not contacted by the controlling (or contesting) faction of the station demanding I “behave or else!” and I found it ridiculously easy to get through the non-existent extra checks and entirely missing police ‘stop and search’ zones…

Elite Dangerous: What a Burro wants from the next Elite game, part one…

I’m pretty excited about the new Elite game due in early 2014, partly for nostalgic reasons but also because I am pretty bored of fantasy right now as the last three years have been very Tolkien and Guild Wars heavy in both my gaming and reading. But for the past six months I’ve been reading […]

Steal Head: Chapter 14 – The Darkness of The Past

The sudden icy wind ripped at Beck’s skin. Now he was on the boat as it slowly cracked its way through the icy sea. His journey had come full circle leading him back to the Arctic. He could never escape from here. In truth, he had never ever left this place, he carried it around with him wherever he went. He turned slowly, looking behind the boat. Two small bundles of rags lay alone and still on the ice. His children… his beautiful, wonderful children.

Spooky Tales in Old Steelhead!

When I agreed to read a short story at the second of Steelhead Library halloween events, little did I know how much it would at first scare and then exhilerate me!

Shanghai Dreaming: A Steelhead Night

How long had the city slept now? Curled and coiled around the heart and waiting for its long slumber to end, waiting to rise and stretch and claim the day. How long had it slept? Long enough for memories to dissolve and names to vanish; long enough for the skies to change and the seas be born anew; long enough for the other cities to rise and bloom and wither. Through all this the city had slept, holding tight to its own memories to come lest they too be lost. Through the night it had slept, and though the night was long it was not endless – over the far, far horizon, a strange dawn was about to break.

Books Wot I ‘Ave Read…

The plan is I tag 5 people and they do the same (and so on, of course) and everyone tagged has to use the list of books below and alter it to reflect what they have read and loved: BOLD means you have read it, ITALICS means you loved it (just normal text indicates you haven’t read it). Here goes!