Nova Albion’s 6th Anniversary Parade

We all fought through fierce lag storms that blocked loads of folks out and even bent time itself so sims appeared to wink out of existence…

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary Parade – Planning Begins!

I’ll be posting more about the parade as it draws near, but for now pencil Saturday March 20th 2pm SLT into your diaries because you are all welcome to join in the fun!

Riding from Bay City to Nova Albion

I saw some wonderful builds and interesting shops. The bridges worked and the tram passed me at least twice. But not once did I see another soul. Not once. Not until I got into the gutted Sistana and found Mossant in her lovely coffee shop.

Nova Albion 5th Anniversary – This Weekend!

Ooooo I am so late with this! I’ve taken my eye right off the ball and not told you, my loyal reader, about the great news that not only is Nova Albion city five years old on Monday 23rd March, but there is to be another parade! For those of you who missed the parade […]