HBA in MCPE: Owla and the raid in Witchmere Swamp!

I had decided to map more of the great swamp to the west of my house. The villagers call it Witchmere Swamp but refuse to discuss it beyond vague dire warnings and so I thought it best to explore its extent.

It’s large, huge actually and proved very easy to become lost in but the most surprising thing about Witchmere was not its size or the fact it was crisscrossed with fresh water channels but rather the fact that the witch, “my” witch, is not the only witch in the swamp!

The second witch had another hut on her own boggy island but she also had a collection of gelatinous cube creatures bouncing around. The library in Green Harbour has a book on horse husbandry that mentions these slimy beasts and how their slime can be used to construct leashes for training and keeping horses and so I drew up a daring plan to get some of this sticky gold.

The only problem? It was nighttime and the small island was crawling with monsters…

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