Meanwhile in Minecraft… The end of Antland 3

That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’ve explored and explored and explored and found nothing but one small ice-bound village.

I’ve died again and again whilst out looking for anything other than bloody trees and snow and sand and I’ve got nothing to show for any of it.

I’ve lost iron armour, completed maps, stacks of coal and heaps of leather.

Antland 3 has broken me. I’ve had enough of the empty vastness of it all. If only I could have found a village or a dungeon, but the world is empty, utterly empty. Unless you count trees, of course, because.there are plenty of those. The wooden shits

But fear not loyal (and possibly mentally ill) reader-stroke-viewer for I am starting again in a new world, a world I have been assured is not only not more populous on the villager front but much less so on the annoying Witchy front, a double bonus!

Antland 3 is dead, Long Live Owla!


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