Guild Wars 2: A catch up ahead of Season 3 of the Living World story “Out of the Shadows”


OK, I’m rather excited about Season 3 (dropping tomorrow! Squeee!) mainly because there seems to be no bloody dragons. I know the dragons are important but that’s all the last (very nearly) four years have been about and all the while the rest of the rich lore and world of Tyria was shoved to the side-lines. Well it seems no more and finally the political fragility of the Krytan government is about to be tested by an old enemy, the White Mantle.

Some of you reading this will know who and what they are and be pretty up to speed with the story, but from my chats with my mate guild mates I know it’s all too easy for me to forget not everyone has played this game since beta. So here is a brief primer to get you up to speed before tomorrow’s launch of Living World Season 3, entitled “Out of the Shadows”.

Please note that there will be spoilers to the original personal story, seasons 1 & 2 of the Living World story, and to the Heart of Thorns story.

The White Mantle and Kryta
Season 3 is looking like it will focus on the White Mantle and their quest for power in Kryta. In short they are a well-funded, well trained, militaristic religious force that once supported the corrupt old monarchy of Kryta. That was until the players of Guild Wars 1 (set 250 years before Guild Wars 2) came along and defeated them. This allowed a new ruling family to take charge backed by a more honourable military force, the Shining Blade. The current queen, Jennah, in Divinity’s Reach is descended from that royal family and is still guarded by the loyal Shinning Blade.

The White Mantle was thought to be consigned to the pages of history but recent events such as the raid and ‘Current Events’ have seen that the White Mantle is now stronger than ever and ready to make a move on the Krytan throne, presumable to put Minister Caudecus on as the new king. Caudecus has been a slime bag suspect since the early days of the original personal story and Jennah has made it clear to Logan and players alike that she does not trust him (a view shared by Countess Anise, the head of Sinning Blade and loyal protector of the Queen).

Logan and Queen Jennah
Logan loves his Queen, both as his queen but also as a woman (nudge nudge, etc.). It’s possible she loves him back but she values duty to the throne and Kryta over a knee-trembler and knows that he is a distraction she can not afford, both in terms of taking her eye of the machinations of Slimebag Caudecus, but also in terms of handing the ammunition of gossip to her enemies who could undermine her popular support. Whether or not this will play a part in season 3 is hard to say but I’d want to see some development in their relationship. At the start of season 3 Logan is recovering from his pretty bad ordeal in the jungle:

Other strands possibly in Season 3
Heart of Thorns saw the death of two major characters, Trahearne and Eir, as well as the crippling of the Pale Tree (that was in Season 2, to be strictly accurate/pedantic) as well as the destruction of the Pact and the loss of personnel from all three Tyrian Orders. Also Caithe became a traitor (of sorts) and Mordemoth’s magic, some of it at least, entered Glint’s egg. It is possible we will touch on some or all of these in Season 3 but by far the most likely is going to be the fall out of Eir’s death and the final dissolution of the group known as Destiny’s Edge (Logan, Rytlock, Eir, Caithe, and Zoja).

In conclusion
It’s hard to know just how far season 3 will go and I suspect the length depends on how far away the next expansion is. Close means season 3 might well be followed by an expansion that will tackle some of the bigger stories, far means season 4 might follow and tackle more of the ‘smaller’ stories. I see it like the Marvel Universe with GW2 expansions being like the films and the seasons being like the TV shows between them. I will be very happy to move away from all talk of dragons for a year at least and actually get my teeth into the deeper stories of Tyria.

Completing the ‘Current Events’ achievements and storylines
The Current Events achievement collection is found in your Hero Panel (use H to open) and contains these but Dulfy’s site has a great guide to them here: These events might stop once the Season 3 starts so hurry up and get the achievements whilst you can 🙂

Resources and more information

First of you ned to watch the Season 3 teaser and trailer as well as the White Mantle clip over on Arenanet’s GW2 youtube channel:



White Mantle clip:

Secondly you should really catch up with the lore over on Wooden Potatoe’s YT channel as he covers it like no one else:

Finally check out the GW2 wiki and find out more about the people & organisations mentioned aove with these links:’s_Edge


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