Why housing is important

Elda, the shadowed star, has written a really interesting post about housing in MMOs and I think you should all go and read it now. and leave her a comment too 🙂


*this post got deleted somehow – reinstating it*

… to me at least 🙂  It’s not my primary motivation for playing a game and there doesn’t have to be a housing system in order for me to enjoy or play a game.  I like playing RPGs (whether they are single person or MMOs) for the challenge, the sense of progression, the story and to explore.  However a game that has a good housing system makes me feel as though my character belongs to the world, a house literally makes a home.  It’s a place to return to while you take stock (literally with your inventory, metaphorically with your in-game goals and progression), a place to hang out with friends (especially if there are interactive items) or a place to noodle around while you’re waiting for your group to get together.   A good housing system will keep me returning to…

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