Life in Tyria: All the fun of the Engineer…

OK, in the past I’ve written about how I loved to play the Champion and Hunter in LOTRO. It struck me recently I’ve never really done the same for GW2 despite the fact I love GW2 about ten times as much as LOTRO and have played it for four times as long. Time to address the balance with a love song to my first class in GW2 and still the only class that makes me truly happy, the Engineer.

Picture the scene. I’m running through Tyria, heavy leather coat flapping around my legs and Lionguard rifle strapped across my back, when a massive Ettin lurches out at me, murder shining in its piggy little eyes.

Without thinking the rifle is in my hand and I let fly with a single shot, winging the beast. He lurches at me but I’ve shot my net over him and he’s pinned to the spot. My mecha-legs are pounding the distance and in seconds I’m on top of him and pulling the trigger on a seriously overcharged blunderbuss shot. He’s free of the net but bleeding hard.

I hit the napalm coating and shoot him again, smiling as the bullet sets fire to his clothes. I’m past him now and circling. Another shot and another fire as he raises his club to pound me. I launch into him with a powered kick that explodes on contact. His club comes down and I roll backwards out of its reach. My rifle is now stowed away and I’m holding my flame-thrower

A quick flick and my bulwark gyro takes off, positioning itself between us to soak up any nasty stuff coming my way. The flame-thrower springs into life and I coat him in a jet of burning fuel. A quick double trigger and a ball of fuel explodes in his face before I start setting the ground at his feet on fire. He is stood in a small pond of flames and roaring at me with his (now burning) club raised high. I jet out oily smoke to blind him and his club misses me by mere centimeters as it slams into the ground.

By now we are not alone. Two more Ettins are lumbering into the fight and I roll away as their clubs swing at me. Again I paint them in fire and I notice a wounded warrior twenty feet away. I send out a small function gyro and it zips off to help heal her as I keep the three Brother Dim occupied and off her case.

I call down an orbital strike. I have no idea where these lightning bolts from above actually come from but right now I’m just glad they do. In the blinding confusion of its exploding impact I swap my flame thrower for a small compact mortar. With pop after pop I run in a wide circle and pepper the three of them with fragmentation shells that shoot out poison gas, blinding light, and quick freezing ice until the shells run dry.

I switch back to my rifle, hit the napalm and set fire to their insides with a few well-placed shots. Once the incendiary rounds have also stopped I fire the insane jump shot and land with a mini-explosion right in the middle of them. The first ettin, still burning, falls over and nosily dies. The second brute raises his club high for a smash and I fire my rifle’s overcharged blast into him at point blank range. He may weigh as much as a Dolyak but he lifts bodily off the ground and sails five meters backwards.

I launch another rocket-boot-assisted kick at the third creature, deliberately aiming for where I assume its testicles reside, and them roll backwards to a safer distance where I once again pull out my trusty flame-thrower and put the bulwark gyro back into use. The fire pours and flows and explodes all over them as I circle and fire, circle and fire until, with a hideous caterwauling of screams and cries, both of the vile monsters dies in a writhing mass at my feet.

The warrior in on her feet, the function gyro buzzing its way back to me as I bow to her. In an act of pure showmanship I fire my rocket boots and sail off a cliff but rather than pop my glider I roll over and over to the ground where I land in a circle of grenades that explode as one around me before I start off running again, my gyros bobbing and whirring around me as they try hard to keep pace.

Being an Engineer is simply amazing.

Burn it! Burn it alllllllllll!

Burn it! Burn it alllllllllll!


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