Life in Tyria: The Clan Keeps Growing…

Jurak Gearwright, my trusty Engineer and first ever character created after beta, hit 80 a long time ago but has only recently killed Zhiatan. That’s three years, albeit with a couple of very long breaks, to reach the end of the original personal story. Ulfryk, the Norn Guardian I created a couple of months ago has already reached 80 and is very close to killing Zhaitan whilst Bercolwyn, my Sylvari Ranger created a couple of weeks after game launch, has no also reached 80 and Jeb is already over 30. This sudden burst of achievement can be directly tied back to three factors: 1) playing in a Guild, 2) playing a couple of hours almost every evening, and 3) the levelling improvements Arenanet have made since launch. Out of those three the last plays the smallest part and it’s been down to the powerhouse of the Good Guys Gaming guild I set up that I’ve maintained such an enthusiasm for the game over a sustained period. There is something just far better about playing with friends than playing alone and these guys are carrying me through the game in such a fun and entertaining way that the grind (such as it is in GW2) never feels like grind, just fun. This has led to me creating more characters and levelling several up with more coming through the ranks, so here, dear reader, is a potted guide to the guys I play in #GuildWars2 …

Jurak Gearwright (Level 80 Human Engineer): So far the only guy I have who has taken down the Big Bad Z, I had thought his place in the Pantheon of Heroes was at risk until the guild started making headway into the Silverwatses recently and now I think he is essential. He’s the most versatile, mobile, control-y guy I have and I love him all over again 🙂

Bercolwyn (Level 80 Sylvari Ranger): Although still to tackle his Level 50 & 60 personal story section, this guy is primed for excursions into the Maguuma Jungle once Heart of Thorns is released, mainly because I really want a Sylvari in there to see how the Mordermoth corruption storyline plays out.

Ulfryk the Penitent (Level 80 Norn Guardian): The poster boy for rapid progression, I created this lad to help the guild through dungeons but he’s so much skull-mashing fun to play with I’m currently running with some other Level 80s from the guild through Orr to take down the Zee-miester.

Jeb Tiler (Lever 30 Human Thief): Created very recently for the Guild Thief Clan runs I honestly wasn’t expecting to like this class as much as I am and now Jeb is the guy I want to get up to 80 as soon as I can. The thief is an amazing class that you don’t play with but rather you dance with. Get it right and you look like an awesome ninja, get it wrong and you look like a clown – I love it!

Twilk (Level 10ish Asura Elementalist): Ahhh, I had such high hopes for this guy back near lunch, sadly he still languishes in Rata Sum unloved and unplayed but waiting for his moment to come…

Raketooth Longclaw (Level 10ish Charr Warrior): Another potential waiting for realisation, his day will come…

Torri (Level 20 Sylvari mesmer): Created very recently and blasted to 20 with a birthday tome just so I could help the guild out with the Lion’s Arch jumping puzzle, this guy has seen no action really and the Mesmer remains a class I know nothing about but sort of want to learn.

Conclusion? The Engineer and Thief are brilliant fun to play, as long you don’t mind managing lots of stuff all at once as well as never staying still 😀

Bercolwyn, ready for the jungle...

Bercolwyn, ready for the jungle…


Jurak, in desert garb…


Ulfryk, saviour and hero

The GGG Thief Clan

The GGG Thief Clan – check yer wallets 😉



  1. Glad to see your having fun… am still languishing in no game land while LOTRO sorts out server transfers… wife’s PC repaired but no real LOTRO’ing taking place!

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