Blaugust Day 30 ~ castles

As Blaugust comes to an end, Elda has another wonderful post you should read 🙂


well, not all of them are castles as such, but castles is a better title than castles and some really big buildings that are not quite castles but are really big and impressive…

1 Amon Sûl, Lotro.  I love this screenshot, it is really hard to get an overall shot but I found a spot on a ridge opposite.

amon sul

2 Therinfall Redoubt, Dragon Age Inquisition.  I used the DAI cinematic tools to get this shot, and it is really impressive and a shame it is instanced and only available if you choose to work with the templars.


3 Solitude, Skyrim.  Ok not quite a castle but it is a fortified town and palace so close enough I think.  Again I used a tool for a free camera.


4 Elden Root, ESO.  Its probably the Bosmer equivalent of a castle.  A huge, huge tree which has been…

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