Life in Tyria: Meet Ups and Clan Runs – Come One, Come All!


The Good Guys Gaming Google+ community guild (All the Gs) I set up a month or so ago is going strong with group runs each night so far, but we are aiming to be a little more… adventurous in the future but to do so we need more members and higher level characters so we are trying a few of things:

1) If you are stuck on a tough personal story mission of a hard quest line or if you need to get to a vista or POI that’s in a rough neighborhood then you can call us to come and help you.

2) If you are looking for a group to run a dungeon with you, call us. Brad in mind we are inexperienced at dungeons but what we lack in experience we make up for with raw enthusiasm and friendly chat over Teamspeak 😀

3) We are holding an open event this Friday, 28th August at 7pm UTC (8pm in the UK). We are meeting up at Morgan’s Spiral in Caledon Forest with the aim of fighting the undead and completing the two jumping puzzles there. Bring a new or low level character (try to get to the Spiral ahead of time or you’ll spend ages running there on the night and miss it).

4) We’ve set up a Thief Clan Run for Sunday nights (7pm to 9pm UTC – 8 to 10 in the UK) and you are welcome to join. You have to be a human Thief and we are aiming to level together. Right now we are at 10 and still in Queensdale. Come and join us – here some guidelines to help you:

All the Gs is a casual and friendly guild – come and join us if you are curious about Guild Wars 2 or are looking to get back into it after a long absence.



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