Blaugust Day 7 ~ 7 blue screenshots

My blooging (and now #GuildWars2 mate) Eldaereil has put together a post of gorgeous blue-hued screenshots from her many MMOs and they are all lovely! Check them out below and on her blog 🙂


I totally nicked the idea from Rav’s post here (at her suggestion 😉 do check her post out for some utterly gorgeous screenshots) and as it’s not the 6th anymore, I will take her advice and make it 7 as it’s the 7th  (I think there is a slight chinese whisper effect from the original challenge – I’ve just gone for very blue screenshots – sorry :))

1 – Auridon coastline, Elder Scrolls Online.  Panorama of a half submerged Ayleid ruin with some Welkynd stones scattered round.  I just love the colours in this one, the blues, the greens and purples – the lighting, ugh it’s just so pretty.


2. Kinloch Hold Mage Circle, Lake Calenhad, Ferelden.  Dragon Age: Origins.  My elven rogue Grey Warden with a praying templar.   Its very peaceful compared to what is going on within the Tower.  I just loved the full moon and…

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