Life in Tyria: Welcome back, Mr Antfarm…

So I’m back playing Guild Wars 2 and it took exactly 30 seconds for the addiction to flare up and flood my bloodstream with the delicious chemicals of total control again. Just how deeply must I love this game that I can walk away for an entire year and come back still enjoy everything about it including all the changes I have no idea about and events I now have no connection with? This game is obviously my soul mate and we are in a romcom where the two leads spend a lifetime drifting apart and back together again and the sex is always wonderful. Sigh, I love you Guild Wars 2.

Sorry. Where was I? So yeah, I blame Gitbot over on Google+. You see I was the one of first of the Elite Dangerous players in the ED G+ Community to state I was going to take an extended break from the game. Gitbot was concerned that the great work the community had done to foster such a pleasant place to chat and debate would be lost so he started up his own G+ Community for gamers who wanted nothing to do with the aggressive eco-systems that many forums descend into – hence Good Guys Gaming was created. It’s not just a way for us to keep in touch when not playing Elite Dangerous, but rather a place for us to discuss, share and enthuse about any games we are playing and it was here I posted I was considering restarting GW2. To my surprise a few of the members, both old GW2 players like me and people who’d never played it at all, were interested in joining me.

So now we have a guild in game (my first ever!) and have spent a week running about trying to learn or re-learn just how to play this amazing game. Every event, every location, every NPC conversation just delights me and I find myself wondering why I wandered away in the first place. I suspect this will ever be my pattern with games – fall in love, become consumed, grow restless, wander away, play another in the same way, drift back, fall in love again*.

Our guild, “All the Gs” if you are interested, is small and we haven’t even looked at guild issues yet as we are a tiny group of players struggling to remember how to play or rolling a character for the very first time, but we are having a blast with it. It’s especially nice for me to finally get people to play in a game with me as I’ve tried for years to get friends into games and so far the only one to follow has been Justin but with him being in America we rarely get time online together. But now with GW2 there are a small handful of players joining me and suddenly the game feels more alive and fun 🙂

There have been so many changes to GW2 in the year I’ve been away that most of the last few days have felt like ramming a toilet roll into my ear hole but I’m getting there:

  • Builds are very different now so I’m starting to learn how to build from the ground up.
  • Levelling up is vastly different with access to things I took for granted with Jurak now locked behind progression. Luckily levelling is still just as quick.
  • I have bought my son his own version of the game and deleted all but one of his characters from mine – if he wants to make a new one he has start at the bottom on his account now 🙂
  • This has freed up a lot of character slots for me and I’m expanding my family out to:
    • Jurak Gearwright L80 human engineer
    • Bercolwyn L30 Sylvari Ranger
    • Raketooth Longclaw L10 Charr Warrior
    • Twilk L10 Asura Elementalist
    • Ulfryk the Penitent L1 Norn Guardian
  • I’m saving one slot for the new type, the Revenant, but I would still like to try a Thief and a Memser at some point (Not too fussed by the Necro – just too… goth looking for me)..
  • I’m really looking forward to completing the Living Story Season 2 with Jurak, especially now that the locations visited will be as they were at the time of the LS and not as they are post-LS (this means I should see the village in Dry Top free of tendrils).
  • Speaking of story – I hear that the final acts of beating Zhaitan are now solo-friendly so maybe I can finally get Jurak over that finishing line and actually have one character kill the big boss a mere 3 years after launch! 😀
  • I’d like to think we (either “All the Gs” or “The Gearwrights”) can grab a Guild Hall when the expansion is released but I don’t don’t if we’ll have enough characters of high enough level to do so. Hell, in the case of The Gearwrights, there is only me and my son in that guild so there is only one level 80 character.

So that’s me for a while, back into Tyria I go and I’ll see you in a few months when Elite Dangerous does something to turn me back on after Power Play doused me in cold piss…

HBA – somewhere in Tyria.

P.S. Want to know more about GW2? Check out these videos from Arenanet on YouTube.

P.P.S Interested in trying out GW2? You can buy it here for £35 and never pay a penny more (and it includes the core game *and* the upcoming expansion!):

*Not with LOTRO though. I’ll never go back there. That grind heavy, time stealing, money grabbing bastard will never get its claws into me again, no matter how much I would love to see Bree again. Some sins are unforgivable.


  1. I so understand you. That’s the same kind of thing I feel for SWTOR. I still like GW2, but for some reason I don’t feel the pull any more and I don’t know why. I was in love with it so much in the beginning, but now I just read the articles about it and move on.

    ……I know it’s madness and SWTOR is sub based, but there is something about the universe that keeps drawing me in and it’s the same thing with many games I play “I love you, but I’m going to go and do something else now. Be back soon!” …..and then I re-sub. This time I haven’t stopped my sub, I’m looking forward to the next installment. 🙂

    I guess though, the good thing with GW2 is once you have it it’s always there……so who knows I might pop in one day and love might be rekindled. 🙂 You definitely sound like you’re having a whale of a time. 🙂 That’s brilliant! I look forward to reading up on your continued adventure in beautiful Tyria……and I haven’t defeated Zhaitan yet either!

    In the meantime I’m off to play Skyrim……and SWTOR on the side :-p

  2. On finishing the storyline solo: yes, after the rebalancing of the mission, it indeed can be done solo. I lately did it on my engineer. But just for it can be done solo, it is far from being fun. The whole mission is designed around some people using the cannons while others fend of the boarding attackers, a single player can’t do both at the same time, making it a rather underwhelming experience.

    Next to that, while i play GW2 and have preordered the expansion, it clearly is not “my soulmate” the way it is for you. It’s very nice for playing solo or also some relaxed group play and is a nice distraction at some times. At the same time, i’d find it severely lacking in too many aspects to make it my favourite MMO. (I just appreciate quality too much, and in GW2 i just too often experience the “good enough” attitude. ) It remains a great “once a while” game, where i can easily disregard the weaknesses and can enjoy it, though.

    I also fully understand your point of view on LotRO. Never again.

    The same is true for SWtoR for me. *shiver* And people still claim they like the storywriting of that game, they really should check out TSW at some time, to learn how an MMO can be done with consistently good story. Certainly the skillwheel is overwhelming for the new player and the combat system is not perfect (in some aspect it’s superior to GW2s combat, in some ways GW2 wins), but the story and atmosphere are unmatched.

    1. Hi Sylow 🙂

      I’m going to get my only 80 through that end stuff just to get it done – the personal story is a disappointing mess in the main but Season 2 of the Living Story seems to have proved they are learning and getting better at telling the story in a much more engaging way so I have hope that Mordremoth will be the battle Zhitan wasn’t.

      LOTRO… oh LOTRO. You could be great, but instead you are a grindy yawn-fest. Say what you will about GW2 but Arenanet are no WB-owned Turbine.

      Do you know that waaaaay back in my LOTRO days when I started following GW2 development, I also followed TSW development and so nearly joined that one instead of GW2. In the end the subs put me off (a lasting legacy of LOTRO – no subs ever again). I only hear good stuff about though and one of the G+ community guys has just posted that he plays it:

      1. Hehe… where did i compare LOTRO with GW2? I do play GW2 and feel the very same about LOTRO as you: never again.

        On the quality of Season 2, it’s indeed better than the main story, but that’s no big feat. The massively hyped personal story of GW2 can barely hold up to the best seasons of Star Trek Online, which were made years before. Season 2 was a real improvement over that, it might indeed be better than a lot of what SWtoR offers, but neither of them even shows the potential to get into the league of storytelling which TSW offers. (Any game out there with adequate quality of storytelling to TSW is strictly single player. )

        My gripes on TSW are on different aspects. The most striking one, which kills many new players, is the overwhelming character system. There are no classes, everybody can and should learn everything in the run of time and the synergies and possible interlocking of abilities and their effects makes even the skill selection system of old GW (the first part) feel trivial. For really successful play, you need to invest some brainpower (or research) into your character setup. The other frequent problem of TSW is it’s really grimdark atmosphere. It is not always suitable for cheerful-relaxed gaming.

        That’s where GW2 for me wins. Of course, the end is near for most of the story and we’ll probably all die, but hey, it’s still all happy and cheerful. It’s a bit more “popcorn-gaming”, while luckily mostly avoiding the pitfall of Wildstar, where i found the forced jokes and humor, obviously inserted into the game with a crowbar to meet the “jokes per playtime” quote.

        So yes, for me TSW and GW2 are currently the two MMOs i like to play, for vastly different reasons. TSW got significally higher quality (in many aspects, e.g. there also are no 3 year old graphical glitches which just nobody bothers to fix), while GW2 is more accessible and cheerful.

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