Elite Dangerous: A Burro muses on spaceships and the hiring thereof…

I’m not a rich man and can only afford a wee run-around type of car but I love it all the same. It gets me to and from work, it takes me and the kids to parties and swimming lessons, and, as long as the destination is within the UK, it transports all of us to a much needed holiday cottage for a week or two of relaxation. But it is not perfect. When I need to move furniture or take loads of rubbish to the tip I am scuppered because the wee run-around just isn’t up to the job and at these times I do the only thing that is available to me – I borrow my dad’s Volvo estate! Wait. Hold on, that wasn’t my point. Let me try that again. *ahem* And at these times I do the only thing that is available to me – I hire a van from a car hire place!

So picture me sat at the flight controls of my beloved Cobra, the Vestigial Echo, in Abe Dock about to join a trade wing. Everybody is bringing their Type 7s and 9s with hundreds of tons of cargo space and I have a measly 32 tons to offer. What I need is a trading ship to switch to but woe is me, I don’t have the credits to buy and outfit one (and even if I did, that would mean 15-45 minutes out of the game sorting it all out) and that means I’m relegated to flying support instead of trading up with the big boys. What can I do?

Now picture me scrolling through the bulletin board in a rusty old sidewinder after one too many docking accidents. Imagine I’m a skilled combat pilot down on his luck and looking to get hold of some cash quickly when I see a mission to take out Ca’pn Blue Nose, the vilest pirate lord in all the sector and there is a huge C150k bounty on offer. Alas! I’m in a bloody sidewinder and can’t afford a new ship! Am I doomed to grind up through the ranks again? The horror!

What about being stuck out on the edge of human space and I need to get back to Sol in  a hurry but all I have is my short-range combat Viper because I’m on patrol duties for the Navy? DAMN IT!

And what if I need to explore a small but distant volume of space but don’t want to hack’n’slash my trading Asp to turn it into an exploration craft? NOOOOOOOOO!

Well, my solution to this would be to hire a ship. Stations should have the facility for Cmdrs to rent a ship kitted out to their specifications for a certain period of time. The hire would cost money and there would be an insurance bond that would be returnable if the craft is undamaged post-use, as would any fines for late return and accident prone, careless or unlucky Cmdrs would have higher hire & insurance costs. This way all Cmdrs would have a greater flexibility of mission participation and we would all get the opportunity to fly the ships we will mostly likely never have enough money to buy, own & run.

Personally I can’t see a downside to this idea – can you? Let me know below 🙂

Google+ post here: https://plus.google.com/+DavidBollenberg/posts/Bb55NjJAooD



  1. ’tis an interesting notion, Commander – I’d have to ponder the implications of such an enhancements before fully responding however right now after light-thought, I see few significant issues… and if a pilot tries to “punch above their weight” and hope that flying a “Ferrari” will let them take down a sizable purse, the reality may kick them quite swiftly in the arse that the game really doesn’t consider the vessel’s pedigree as a shoe-in in a combat engagement…

    1. That’s not an issue – that’s a lesson learnt 😉

      Seriously though, to afford the rental and instance you’d have to have a certain amount first so you should know by then not to bite of more than you can chew.

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