Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Jameson Memorial/Founder’s World/Shinrarta Dezhra] : [01/02/3301]

[Report Summary] Contracted to Antfarm Consolidated to transport rare goods throughout a 500ly volume of Fed/Imp border space.

[Manifest] Various rare goods.

[Incidents] Extremely quiet run with no interdictions. I think the Tanmark conflict has drawn many hyena packs away.

[Signed] Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/G43Tym-Dawf485620] I’ve had enough of this bloody run. Weeks in Yembo, hundreds of light years to New Yembo and back for bugger all and now the biggest rare loop I’ve ever flown and I’m tired. I’m tired of the only gravity I feel being thrust or spin, the only light the Echo’s full-spec LEDs, the only water my own recyced piss. I miss Dulos. I miss Six. I miss my family. The old man says that the new government has settled in and the pogroms have stopped so it should be safe to go back. I’ll make two more runs and then I’m heading back to Brunton Gateway without stopping. I’ve asked the old man to fly my family back and more than the gravity, the sunlight and the clean water I’ve missed them most of all. It’s time to go home.

[Ship Report] The Echo is running like a dream. I had the techs at Jameson look her over and tweak the thruster output and fit a new LS. She purrs when I power her up and whispers when I hit the throttle…



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