Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Brunton Gateway/Dulos 6/Dulos : [29/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Prepping to leave Dulos on a ‘rare run’ for Antfarm Consolidated.

[Manifest] Leaving Dulos with 32t of animal meat, tea and coffee (mixed tonnage) on route for Phiagre to start a rare goods circuit.

[Incidents] n/a

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/FdTd465-Terp576934] [embeds enabled] So Dulos has finally done it. It is splitting from the federation and becoming an independent system. Frak me, I never thought it would..

Look, I know I’ve been all gung-ho to keep us in with the Feds, but I’m on record as stating I’d rather Dulos be an Indie. The Federation bleeds us dry and we all know it; they tax high and give low, but at least they aren’t slavers and my worry has always been that if we leave the safety of the Federation we would become easy prey for the Empire given how we are inside the fringe borders of their volume.

Still, that wasn’t my greatest worry over the last few weeks. True, being owned by the Imps would have seen me leave, but my biggest fear was a loss of democratic rule and a bloody civil war.

This hasn’t happened.

This is huge. This is a major win for democratic rule. A referendum was held and the Green Party obeyed the wishes of the people and stood down. Dulos was allowed to choose and they have chosen the Defence Party who have declared us an Indie system.

And I’m OK with that. Really, I am. Sure I fought for the Greens but only because they stood for democracy. Now the Defence Party do and a democrat I will support them as out leaders.

Unless they sell out to the Empire, but that’s a different discussion for a different time. For now I’m going to head out of a long range rare run. Old Man Antfarm figures it’s wise for me to keep out of the way until the DP prove their claims of amnesty. If they do then I’ll arrange for my family to return to ‘6 and head back myself to help with the transition to independence.

[Upgrades] Given I’m going to be trading in rares for next few weeks, I’ve sold off my last 4t cargo module and fitted a planetary scanner in its place. On top of that I’ve removed the recently fitted shield cell and had one of the advanced system scanners bolted on instead. Why, you may ask, am I reducing my cargo capacity and removing my shield safety net when I’m about to venture into deep space and pass through a great many anarchy systems? Simple, I’ve got a gig with UC as a short-term contracted survey scout. the Old Man is fine with it as it won’t affect his bottom line and it’ll help me to boost my income whilst gaining some much needed training in stellar surveying & cartography. After all, you never know when the delivery work will dry up, do you?

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