Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Vestigial Echo] : [Brunton Gateway/Dulos 6/Dulos : [24/01/3301]

[Report Summary] Currently on leave from Antfarm Consolidated and visiting family in my home system of Dulos.

[Manifest] During the leave I have been running people out of the system and acting as a courier.

[Incidents] Interdiction attempt by Cmdr Marcus Magnus, minor damage only and no crew or cargo loss (ship cam footage link below)

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Vestigial Echo (Cobra Mk3), Antfarm Consolidated of Dulos.

[Private Entry/Decrypted/FdTd465-Terp576934- all embedded links enabled] Dulos is going through hell. The Defence Party have pushed the Greens to the very edge of collapse. Hell! we even made GalNet! Even though the reports have led to mercs flooding in to take the Empire’s money to support the DP, the same news feeds have drawn just as many fighters in to defend the Green Party. Some have been in it for the money and others are Empire-hating fanatics, but there have been just as many in it to support the Federation’s ideal of democracy. I just want to the keep my family safe. I want to keep slavery out. And I’m willing to die doing it.

To this end I bought an Eagle, the MRPV Whispering Grass, and kitted it out as a small fighter. I’m not much of a fighter pilot but neither are a lot of the mercs flooding in looking to make a name for themselves. I’ve been taking contracts for the GP, protecting shipments and recovering dead-drops in the Grass in using the Echo to run their larger contracts, both on and off the books. The Old Man has been pretty good to me, allowing me time off to do this and use the Echo to get my family and friends off ‘6 just as long as I deliver certain packages for him without asking what and why. Hell he even pays me and my savings have topped C3m which sounds good but considering I’ve had one ship shot out from under me and been pirated twice, well the repair and insurance costs are enough to put paid to any thoughts of retiring to New Fiji back on ‘6.

The Green Party seem to be bouncing back after a near total collapse under the onslaught of the Defence Party. The DP had an initial surge of help from the anti-fed mercs but we all know that Patreus is behind it. Still, now that the GP is on the rise again I’m hopeful we will see off the DP before an all-out civil war erupts.

[Upgrades] I’ve kept the “Vestigial Echo” un-touched beyond my initial upgrades with the sole exception of removing a 4t cargo bay to fit a shield cell bank.I don’t see any benefit right now to improving the “Echo” and have started to save for an LREV, maybe an Asp or maybe another Cobra (this would be cheaper to maintain and run than the Asp, that’s for sure!)


  1. ohhh just watched your vid – that game looks awesome – really immersive… grats on escaping btw 🙂

    ps as a weird aside, loved the font you used 😀

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