Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Rising Inflection] : [Bolton Hub/Cheneti A 6/Cheneti] : [21/12/3300]

[Report Summary] Crop harvesters delivered to Kappa Forncacis and 11t of local produce brought back for sale in various systems. Along the way 15t of gold bought and sold. at various systems

[Manifest] AC has received an order for 50t of progenitor cells needed in Afli.

[Finances] C120k gross profit – C5k fuel & supplies = C105k net profit banked.

[Incidents] Several interdictions registered, three engagements, minor hull damage (repaired).

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/JH89tfu-teak14] Frankly I’m lucky to be alive. The trip out to Kappa F wasn’t too rough with only one interdiction by a greenie in a hauler – a hauler for fek’s sake – but once I got there I ran into checkpoint after checkpoint all the way to Harvestport. The crop tech sold well but that was only ever a front – I was there for the onions and managed to pick up 11t of them from the contact the Old Man had lined up. Trouble is my departure coincided with the start of bombing runs orchestrated from the Invincible, Orion and Warrior – now that was a hairy exit and no mistake! I was chased across 10ly by the bloody Feds and had to take a rather unorthodox route to lose them. Unfortunately this had the side-effect of taking me into a large ‘dead volume’ with no easy route out and on top of that the bloody nav system packed up and stopped auto-routing. The journey out of the dead zone was done by the seat of my flight suit and by the time I hit the first inhabited system I had less than 10% of my reserve tank left – now that was a twitch time!

It took me a lot longer going back than out as that little detour swung me out wide and high but I managed to get back to Dulos where the Old Man had an encrypted message waiting and instructing me to head for Bolton Hub in Chenet.  I met with one of his shady contacts who unloaded the ‘local produce’ and made sure the manifest had it down as fruit and veg. There was a nice fat bonus in my account and I just had to look the other way. The only thing I’ve told the Old Man is no slaves – I may be many things but I’m no slaver!



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