Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Rising Inflection] : [Brooks Terminal/Turir 22/Turir] : [20/12/3300]

[Report Summary] Since being released by EmpSec in Afli, I have been on simple (but profitable) palladium runs around Bloder. Whilst en route to Turir with the last consignment I received a comm from AC with instructions to take 18t of crop harvesters to Kappa Fornacis and bring back as much local produce as the Rising Inflection can hold.

[Jobs] Palladium runs completed. Kaappa Fornacis next destination

[Finances] C150k gross profit – C61k fuel & upgrades = C90k net profit banked.

[Incidents] None.

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/5ffrU8-veep5] 140ly! Bloody hell! And don’t think I don’t know what ‘local produce’ means. There’ll be a bloody blockade waiting for me and all manner of Sec, pirate and bounty hunting bastards to dodge. I swear, The old man wants me dead! 140 bloody light years!

[Embed] Route to Kappa Fornacis

Destination Kappa Fornacis Route

Kappa Fornacis Route


[Embed] GalNet report on the Kappa Fornacis blockade

GalNet report

GalNet report

[Embed] Footage of the blockade from Cmdr HG


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