Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Rising Inflection] : [Pu City/Afli/Afli A 4] : [19/12/3300]

[Report Summary] Currently detained after a series of trade runs into Indie systems and then to the Empire’s Afli system. All jobs completed on time and profit has been logged. Estimated time of departure from Afli is unknown. I have asked the FedSec liaison to inform the local Pilot’s Federation representative but as yet have not had the status of this request confirmed. The ship manifest and cargo logs both show I have only engaged in legal trade

[Jobs] All runs completed as per logged manifest.

[Finances] C150k gross profit – C61k fuel & upgrades = C90k net profit banked.

[Incidents] 3 interdiction attempts on the Inflection, nil surrendered to. Detained by FedSec in Afli pending ship search.

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/4G77dyE-buks10] Fek me but the bloody Emps are jumpy! The old man has had me scooting off on short runs between Dulos and Afli with a series of side-steps to the kind of indie systems you wouldn’t consider stopping to piss in let alone dock and pick up cans so fek knows what I’ve been carrying! Sure the manifest and cargo logs say it’s clean but who knows if the cans have been dicked with? Not me, that’s for sure, Sec pulled me as I approached Pu and are currently taking the ship apart panel by bloody panel. They won’t tell me what they are looking for but even if I’ve not been carrying something dodgy the trouble is this is my first run in the Inflection after I traded up from the Anomaly and who knows what traces the previous owners left in some never cleaned corner of the cargo hold. Gods damn it! Ever since the news came out that the Emperor was ready to kark it this whole godsdamn sector has become a paranoid gun bunny’s wet frigging dream and now I’m stuck here watching the local Senator’s goons strip my ship back to beams! Still, it could be worse, at least I’m not in Sorbago right now because that looks like the perfect clusterfek of beam-heads, psychos and loony glory-seekers. No, I’ll just sit it out here and hope the FedSec morons don’t skimp on my rebuild. Assuming they are going to rebuild, that is. Fek.

[Embed] A report from Sorbago I caught on GalNet earlier.



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