Commander’s Log [Cmdr William Gearwright] : [ISDV Phase-Looped Anomaly] : [Brunton Gateway/Dulos 6/Dulos] : [16/12/3300]

[Report Summary] AC just came through with another job – a drop-off and pick up two systems away. Normally not a problem but that will take me into the Empire volume and given how fast things are moving over there right now I don’t fancy being shot for a spy so I’m going to go in there all loud and proud, let the SysSec know I’m there. Looking at the manifest, the old man has me hauling legit stuff so if they want to scan me that’s just fine and dandy – nothing to hide here.

[Jobs] All runs completed as per logged manifest.

[Finances] C250k gross profit – C150k fuel & upgrades = C100k net profit banked.

[Incidents] 1 interdiction attempt on the Anomaly, nil surrendered to.

[Signed]  Cmdr William Gearwright of the ISDV Rising Inflection, Antfarm Consolidated (Dulos).

[Private Entry/Encrypted/3Bhhy70-ddra78] It’s been six months now since I took my battered old Sidewinder and signed on with old man Antfarm and since then I’ve hardly been back down to ‘6. Instead I’ve been racing from one corner of a forty light year volume around Dulos to another and both me and the Phase-Looped Anomaly are knackered.

In the past six month I’ve delivered and salvaged everything shy of slaves and paid off so many fines and back-handers that I’ve lost count. I’ve ended up mining with zero sim-time training, I’ve had to fight my way out of fights that weren’t mine and I’ve been shot at by pirates, security forces, stations, psychos, bastards, the police and even the odd dumb greenhorn. I’ve been chased out of systems by Feds, Emps, Allis, Indies alike as ell as every colour of political/religious/criminal wanker you can think of. And all the time I’ve had the old man jumping up and down on me like a demented ‘Bouncer (albeit minus the pink robes, smell of incense and ranting about being ‘saved’).

Whoever tells you the life of a spacer is a good life, well you punch that lying piece of filth square in the chops and go back to whatever the hell it is you do that doesn’t involve any of the things I listed above.

Still, in the last six months I’ve seen triple suns rise over a planet so beautiful I almost cried. I’ve flown through the skies of a world turned orange and felt the minute dust of its volcanoes pinging into my shields as I skimmed the atmosphere. I’ve circled a black hole and watched as it tore and bent light around itself. I’ve hidden in asteroid fields of ice and watched a million rainbows arc across my cold, black ship. Whoever tells you the life of a spacer isn’t a good life, well you punch that lying piece of filth square in the chops, get back in your ship and point it at a star.



  1. I still haven’t been able to get the hang of the controls enough to make it fun rather than frustrating. I don’t remember it being this hard to fly my ship in the original Elite on the C64. 😦

    1. Hi mate, trust me when I tell you I totally understand. When I started playing in June I found it almost impossible hard and I was left feeling disappointed and underwhelmed but i stuck with it and after a week or so it began to click.

      I’m in the Google+ ED group and that’s been hugely helpful and I also found some really simple videos walking through the single player combat missions and once I began to master those I felt much more confident.

      If you are in G+ then join the ED community 🙂

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