Exploring the Universe with Elite Dangerous: Need a new home, a fresh start? Then welcome to Dulos!

So the game is a few days away from launch and we know there is going to be no more wipes so even though there are still bugs being hunted and squashed with daily updates I can at last start in earnest.

Only problem is the random starting point mechanic keeps starting me hundreds of light years out beyond Satan’s lost ring piece and well and truly in the middle of fek all. I reset my commander again and again but nope, I always appear in the space version of a tiny Welsh village in the 1970s – no roads, no pub and no bloody reason to stay.

So I didn’t. It took me three play sessions but I blew that popsicle stand and undertook the equivalent of a road trip to, if not London then at least Cardiff. Shudder.

I lost count of how many systems I dropped into that had never been explored or settled, but thank the space gods for my discovery scanner because that alone paid for my fuel and engine upgrades when I found the occasional outpost or station. Then last night I made the final break through and entered an area of Federation space more densely populated than I had encountered before so I decided to find a promising looking system and settle down once and for all. As far as my game play goes Cmdr Gearwright would be born and bred in this new system and the 180ly journey through the empty wastes of bugger all would never have happened. so don’t mention them. Not ever, right?

Given that on the 16th the story starts proper and it will revolve around the Emperor dying and the power struggle that ensues as well as the fallout that spills over into the systems neighbouring the Empire volume, I decided to pick a frontier Federation world and after a fair bit of searching I plumped, with no small amount of irony, for Dulos. Dull by name and nature was my thinking, perfect for a new Cmdr to want to get off his homeworld and explore the big black, just like a certain Skywalker boy I vaguely recall hearing about.

But when I finally got there I couldn’t believe just how huge, busy and complex Dulos actually is! By pure fluke I made a great choice where there are multiple stations, multiple factions, multiple career path options and even a gorgeous Earth-like world I can call home (something I’ll explore and post a lot more about once planetary landings are added in 2015). The pictures and videos below give a better view of the system layout and make up as well as the last big push of my journey there and what Dulos 6 looks like from orbit.

Dulos: 1 class M star, 15 planets (1 Earth-like world), 1 asteroid belt for mining, 25 moons, 3 stations, 4 outposts and 5 factions and all on the doorstep of the Empire. Ahhh, home sweet home…

Dulos system - faction list part 1

Dulos system – faction list part 1

Dulos system - faction list part 2

Dulos system – faction list part 2

Plotting a route to Dulos…

Arriving at Dulos 6…

Surveying the political landscape of Dulos…


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