Exploring the Universe: All beta’ed out in Elite Dangerous…

I’m done. I’m all beta’ed out. I’m just want the damn thing to be released so I can start the grind of earning cash, upgrading my ships, exploring the (feking huge) universe and learning the ropes of life in the 34th century. I don’t want another bloody wipe or feature test to reduce me to yet another starting poison.

I knew the deal when I bought the premium beta. I knew testing was needed. I knew wipes would happen. I have no problem with the process. It’s just I’ve had enough now and want to play the game knowing that the next patch, update or expansion won’t reset my progress to a Sidewinder with a C100 docked in some godsforsaken outpost in the colon of nowheresville.

Only a few weeks, just over two, and I can settle into a groove and see if I’m going to love this game over the long term or if it was just a heady, nostalgic affair of the heart…



  1. 2 weeks to release? And I am over half a year away from Europe (yes I will try again to leave Argentina in 2015!)…well I will know by the time I get there whether it will be worth it…probably wont stop me trying to play!

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