Exploring the Universe with Elite Dangerous: There ain’t nothing like a good guide…

I love the Elite Dangerous Google+ community – it’s a mine of useful information and dashed pleasant company as well. The latest great find I’ve made there are the video guides from TommyTTK in which he explains some of the more esoteric aspects of Elite: Dangerous, such as locating planets in an unexplored and unmapped system, with assured ease and humor (and some swearing, so not safe for kids obviously). Here are two of my favourites from his recent releases:

Exactly how do you find planets in an unmapped system? Why by using parallax displacement of course! Every Boy Scout knows that!*

What happens if you draw too much power from your ship’s power plant? You get very cold, very quickly that’s for sure…

Watch Tommy’s videos now and leave him a like because these are some of the best guides out there 🙂

* I didn’t 😀





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