Exploring the Universe with Elite Dangerous: Not all kills are equal…

I have spent very little time in the cockpit of my Sidewinder “Phase Looped Anomaly” lately as I’ve been far too busy with work. Damn that RL. Still, I have managed to film a few kills in the training missions and was hoping to edit them together in the next few weeks. Somehow, though, I don’t think any of them will be a good as this one from Tim Wheatley, one of the active members in the Elite Dangerous Google+ community. At first I thought he was about to be handed a surprising ass-kicking, but after the first few spins and wheels he manages to get a bead on the AI pilot and it’s all over bar the shouting. Gods I love the flight model in this game.



  1. Awesome stuff (as always) I like the detail of the smoke trail…helps track the enemy…and wow I even remembered the strategy of slowing down and falling in behind enemy ship, turn and twist right, speed up slightly …blast away…only disappointment was the solitary laser…when will u be getting twin military lasers?

    1. Hi mate – the combat in the game is fun but it’s also hard and vicious. The starter ship, the Sidewinder, is fitted with two basic pulse lasers but you can upgrade them, as you can with just about anything in the ship.

      For weapons you currently have lasers, ballistic and missiles but these are sub-divided a lot to give great variety – there are classes which equate to size, damage & power usage as well as gimballed or fixed with the former allowing the weapons to track the enemy. Then there are specialised versions such as over-charged or low-power which allow for more specialised gameplay. Add to that the various other weapon systems such as missiles, mines and chaff and you have a hell of a lot of options and they have finished adding and tweaking yet!

      In your ship you can also upgrade your other systems and whilst a lot of the upgrades reduce ship weight (whcih extends jump distance) and energy usage (which reduces the chance of a ship-wide black out) they also offer special benefits too. For instance upgrading life support gives you extra oxygen which is useful if the cockpit has been shot out or if you are running totally silent; power plant upgrades allows more powerful systems to be powered without overload the ship and blacking systems out.

      The depth they are going too is amazing and I’ve only just paid lip service to them here.

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