Exploring the Universe with Elite Dangerous: Beta 2.00 is out! (tl/dr: Looks amazing but has a few bugs, roll on 2.01 later today! :-D)

I’ve uploaded a short (20mins) video showing off the initial stages of logging into and playing Beta 2.00. It look amazing but there are a few big bugs so I’m waiting for the updates today & tomorrow that should sort them out. In the video I look at:

> Start & settings menu
> Cockpit UI (nice changes)
> Station UI (Gorgeous!)
> System Map (functional but nice)
> Galaxy map (borked atm)
> Pre launch checks (Hmmm…)
> An ungainly flight around Azeban Orbital

Enjoy (YouTube is currently processing the 1080 HD version so apologies if what you see is 480 – try again in 10 mins)


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