Bringing home the bacon in Elite Dangerous: The life of a Can Jockey in the Deep Space Salvage Vessel “Pharos Brightly”

In the rather wonderful Elite: Dangerous I have hit upon the role I like best (at least until exploration comes along in Beta 2!) and it’s a role I feel I was born to play: Deep Space Salvage Operative! Oh yeah… smell the money!

You see the clever Devs at Frontier Developments have added a random encounter system whereby Unidentified Signal Sources (USS for short) are detected by your ship and if you choose to investigate you could find, amongst other things, abandoned cargo canisters floating alone and forgotten in the deep black night. And that’s where I come in!

Gold! Gold! And it's all mine I tells ya!

Gold! Gold! And it’s all mine I tells ya!

You see each ship is fitted with a cargo scoop and this allows you, through some careful piloting, to pluck the lonely & unloved canisters out of the starry night and into the belly of your faithful steed. After that it’s a simple(ish) matter of selling them on. Of course the various police forces, security forces and pirate gangs may have other thoughts but no one said being a can jockey was risk-free, did they?

Now I’ve written recently about how I hope the FE devs expand the role of salvage merchant and broaden the abilities of the police as the black and white nature of cargo scooping is a little limiting right now, but until I can upgrade my beloved Cobra to a frankly fearsome Asp (see here & here & here) and explore the role of an explorer I’m more than happy to be a can jockey in the DSSV Pharos Brightly, as these two videos showing a typical salvage run show…


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