Exploring the Universe with Elite: Dangerous: Vital evidence in the hands of the Imperial Empire…

Look, I can’t tell you how I got a copy of this evidence entry, all I can say is a lot of good, loyal Federal citizens died getting it to me.

It raises far more questions than it answers. Why are the two security forces fighting? What do the Imperials want the footage for? What is the status of the sleeper cell on Chango? All of these remain unanswered and all I know is that space just got more dangerous…



  1. Awesome stuff…I got all goosebumpy when I saw the radar with the little inverted green ‘L’…rising and falling…got me reaching for my old keyboard controls!

    Looking good!

    1. Honestly I can’t tell you how good it is – they have totally nailed it and acheived a perfect blend of the nostalgia (and fun flight model) of Elite and the massive scale (and bloody hard flight model) of Frontier. I can honestly see this game staying with me for years and years.

      They are releasing Beta 2 on 30th September (which is the 30th anniversary of Elite, too) and the features they are putting in there are going to be amazing!

      1. I need a gaming rig! I need more time and I need to be in Europe and I think this game could last me as long as the original! I could quite easily spend a few days playing the original BBC version…WITHOUT SLEEP!
        I saw a readers comment in The Guardian (of all places!) the other day that suggested That ELITE would be a game changer for ALL gaming…lets hope it really is!

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