Exploring the Big Black: First Flights to First Dockings in Elite Dangerous

So I bought Elite Dangerous.


I swore I wouldn’t. I promised myself I’d be strong, I’d hold out until after launch. But I couldn’t.


So what do you get in Elite Dangerous’ Beta? A small bubble of space to explore, trade, fight and die in and a whole heap of steep learning curves, that’s for sure!

Am I enjoying it? I’ll have to answer that with a thoughtful yes. I’m really enjoying Guild Wars 2 and ED is soooooo different that it felt like a total culture shock. That coupled with my failure to immediately be the amazing space ship pilot and intergalactic dogfighter I know I deserve to be disappointed me. But having dropped the Beta asking price no amount of initial friction is going to put me off and so, in between my GW2 dailies, I’ve been plugging away and I’m slowly gelling with it.

To be honest it’s really helped that my 8 year old son has taken to it so well. Hell, his first station entry was perfect whereas mine was a paintwork-stripping grind-fest. He’s taken to the complex and cumbersome controls like he was born to pilot a US drone and leaves me to do all the navigating and ‘boring selling stuff’. Basically, within 48 hours of buying it I’ve become his co-pilot! This makes me actually very, very proud of him 😀

I’ll keep you posted but so far over managed to:

> Fly to 3 systems.
> Dock several times without crashing.
> Avoid being ganked by other players.
> Make 200 credits profit on my first trade.

Now I’m hoping that fuel isn’t a factor in the Beta as I haven’t bought any since I started. Gulp.

So strap in with me as we set off to explore the Big Black. But bring a towel. And tea. Lots of tea. It’s going to be a long flight.


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