Life in Tyria: The Tyranny of Gold…

I’m by no means rich in RL. I have a job but also a mortgage and kids so I have to make choices every days about what I spend my money on and, if I’m honest, that sucks, yet it’s also life and there is no point in worrying about it. But that’s not to say I want that experience in my games and if there’s one thing I’ve discovered I hate hate hate about MMOs such as LOTRO and GW2 it’s that I’m always poor in there too!

In LOTRO I spent ages trying to get enough gold to buy enough equipment to make me more or less effective and it got me nothing. In GW2 I’m always on the edge of poverty and having to sell everything I can just to fund the purchase of armour and weapons for one character. I’ve had 100 gold pieces recently but that didn’t last long and I’m usually hovering between 20 to 50 as I buy new exotic sets for my Engineer builds. I don’t craft and I’m not saving up for a legendary, I salvage and gather and therefore you think I’d be rolling in moolah but I’m not and that ticks me off. And there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get gold in GW2 outside of mindlessly running dungeons.

Frankly I don’t want to be poor in two worlds. Sigh.


  1. Poor in currency rich in mind 🙂

    OK recently spent all my GP in LOTRO on rep items but happy and know that just from playing will slowly recoup it…indeed since I have been in my kinship on Withy have had less need for GPs…ask and you shall receive seems to be the order of the day and nice it is too…(stuff even appears without asking!)

  2. Yeah, I’m being a whinger because gold isn’t impossible to get in GW2, it just takes some grind and some RNG luck. I hate RNG luck on the basis I don’t have any and grinding makes me mad – but I’m too tight fisted to from real money to buy the gold in game 😀

    And I do feel sorry for Anet in a way (‘sorry’ is not the right word, it’s more that I understand some of their position) because you can use in game gold to buy game-store credits (‘gems’) which can be used to buy all the stuff they rely on people dropping real money into the store to pay for the game’s development. By making gold piece shit out of every undead arse in the game they would cripple their revenue generating store. I guess this is why they have a full time economist on the books, eh? 😉

    Still, I hate hate hate living hand to mouth in the game – I still feel I should be richer than I am. Wealth is granted to those who have the time to stuidy & understand the Trading Post/Commodities Market, those who have the time to grind out dungeons all day & night, or those lucky few blessed by the Holy RNGesus. Schlubs like me who just play and gather and sell what I can when I can are the working class of Tyria and in the wise, wise words of Ren & Stipmy “No Sir, I don’t like it!”

  3. That is the story of my life in most MMOs that I’ve played and as grinding was never my thing and never will be, I guess I’ll just remain part of the working class. 🙂 Here’s hoping I’ll fair better in WildStar! …..hoping!

  4. I hate how gold rules everything as well. But, it is possible to make some money outside of dungeons. World bosses, salvage those rares for ectos or sell the more expensive ones. Always check the price on rare weapons. Also there’s gathering orichalcum/ancient saplings in Orr with multiple level 80s. That can be RNG regarding whether you’ll end up in the same map again, but gathering with a friend can solve that as you each “save” the map you’re in for each other. There’s also the Edge of the Mists karma train.. lots of champs on the way.

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