What a Burro’s playing – March 2014 update

It’s been a few months since I last wrote one of these posts but the last couple of weeks have seen a surprising change in my gaming that has awoken an old worry of mine that I’m going to poke at again and see if I can’t answer it once and for all in my next post (spoilers: I don’t think I can).

Right now:

Guild Wars 2: As amazing as it seems, I’ve become slightly, but only slightly, addicted to this again. I only really got into it after I agreed to download it again for my son who, like me, has grown a little bored of nothing but Minecraft to play. True I have also had Left 4 Dead, but that’s a little on the mature side for him so I re-installed GW2 and watched him play for a bit and suddenly I felt the old familiar urge to run about brutally solving the often minor issues of total strangers for pretty much worthless rewards and BANG! I was hooked again. This re-start coincidentally happened to coincide with the total destruction of Lion’s Arch and man alive was that fun! True it’s a zerg-fest but I don’t mind zerging too much – at least I can hide my incompetence in the crowd 😀


MCPE: Update 0.8.0 was great! Minecarts were added along with some nice farming changes & graphical updates and the whole thing felt brilliantly fresh and fun again. I had a blast in Termite Canyon and really only stopped because I played the arse out of it. I’m waiting for 0.9,0 which will, if the tweets coming out of Mojang are right, be another great update that adds even more fun. We are while off Realms yet I think and that’s a shame because that’s exactly what I’d need to make this my ‘go to’ game again

Pioneer Spacesim: In my desperation to play Elite Dangerous I downloaded this free Elite Frontier mod and tried it out with my new Hotas X flight stick & throttle. The results were, to say the least, underwhelming and I shan’t be playing it again. Ever.

Left 4 Dead 2: Ahhhhh, what can I say about this game that I haven’t already said. It’s just amazing fun. I’m not as good as I was 5 years ago when I could do the levels on Expert (with the right team, of course) but I can hold my own in Advanced even with a basic PUG. Cold Stream is still a bloody nightmare though ;-D


Second Life: Nope. I didn’t even make it back for the memorial of my mate Os. I thought I would but missed it and then found, whilst sad I missed seeing Sal, Ilia, Enjah, Holo, Mari, Tak and my other friends that I was relived I didn’t have to struggle with the experience of logging in, lagging out and seeing nothing but grey blocks. Lately (by which I mean the last couple of days or so) I have found myself missing this world a little but I don’t think it’s been enough of a pull to tempt me back. Not yet, anyway.

LOTRO: It must be the GW2 effect but I’ve been missing this world too. Not enough to actually go back into the nasty grind-fest that it is, but still missing it a little. Maybe one day someone will make a less grindy, more explorable Middle Earth and then I can finally be the Gondorian explorer I’ve always wanted to be.

Survivalcraft: Christ no! No way! The last few updates have moved further and further away from fun game play and more into the realms of boring twaddle. There is now a bow you have to load each time to fire by dragging an arrow from your inventory to the bow. This is a game with limited inventory space, non-stacking arrows and a ranged combat system that is, in a word, shit. My life is too short too waste it on non-fun things. 

Borderlands 2: This is a strange one. I just stopped. Don’t really know why. I just stopped and I don’t think I even noticed. I do that a lot with long story driven games. Thief (all of them). Walking Dead. LA Noire. Never finished any of them. What a waste.

Ingress: Nah, I’ve totally lost the plot here. I’m not a social gamer and you reallllly need to be for this to work. Oh, and I need the app space too much 🙂

Carmageddon: Not even the boy is playing this one now – it’s ok but just limited.


Elite Dangerous: Still the big dawg on the horizon, I’m looking forward to this more and more with each Alpha update I watch on youtube. It just looks amazing! The flight is smooth, the combat challenging, the visuals drop dead gorgeous. Oh man this is the game I want right now! This is the game I’d turn the shed into a cockpit for and end up on the local news in the “And finally…” humorous nutjob section.

What are you playing right now? let me know in the comments below.


  1. Currently playing Guild Wars 2, DayZ and Second Life. Was playing Minecraft (more) and SurvivalCraft (less), but have not used either for many months now. Looking forward to Elite Dangerous and Cyan’s Obduction.

    1. Hi mate, I’ve still not got around to DayZ but it’s on the radar – I need to watch a bunch of LPs to see if I fancy it.

      I didn’t realise you had Survivalcraft – what did you make of it?

      1. Survivalcraft was too frustrating for me to play on my little Nexus 7 tablet. I didn’t play it anywhere near as much as I played with MCPE (whose UI was less intrusive), but I played the desktop Minecraft on my Mac much more than either. Forgot to mention that I am playing the PC version of Skyrim on the gaming PC that Osprey gave to me a lot (I took a picture of the new purchase with my DVD of Sapphire & Steel!) and still hop into LOTRO every now and them to just explore Middle Earth. It’s very fun playing with the PC Skyrim mods that one can download. Absolutely gorgeous vistas in that. DayZ is another open world, even more than Skyrim, and is equally beautiful in it’s own realistic Eastern European way. I really like the seamlessness of DayZ in that you can travel across many kilometers and come across villages, then go up to a house, open the door and explore the interior without the effect of Skyrim where you have to “leave” the outside world to visit the interior of a building. In DayZ, you look out the window and see the entire world outside the building you’re in. It’s very realistic. And then the zombies attack…

        1. I keep meaning to buy Skyrim as everyone I know who has played it loves it. I’ll be interested to see how ESO turns out as the industry seems to have written it off as a huge failure before it’s out.

          It’s it shame SC didn’t grab you as the building side of things is pretty good but the days of it leading MCPE are long past and MCPE is just more fun to play.

          DayZ is on the list. On paper it should be exactly the sort of game I’d love but something about it hadn’t grabbed me yet. I’ll look into it some more. When will it be released?

          1. Survivalcraft probably would have been more interesting to me if it was available for Mac or PC and I could play it on a larger screen and see more screen real estate. I have read that constraints can encourage creativity, and I have definitely experienced that as each each game has its own mix of free form play and constraints. But I do love the completely open and freeform creative expression possible in Second Life and OpenSim and that these two platforms make world building relatively easy as I am, at heart, a world builder.

            I am very excited to continue playing Skyrim on PC, as opposed to XBox, because I have just downloaded the Skyrim Creation Kit and will be building an instance of Kahruvel within Skyrim’s engine to represent a version of Kahruvel that existed approx. 10,000 years ago.

  2. Funny you mentioned that. I haven’t played Survivalcraft for a while and yet my blog is thriving even more than before. Did you hear? Kaalus is adding a crossbow, three types of bolts to go with them, and a much advanced explosion system. (Which are helpful for another new weapon, hint hint) While slightly intriguing I still don’t like the direction the game is going. But Kaalus has put so much effort into the game I won’t be deleting it anytime soon.

    1. Hi mate, I’ve stopped following the dev notes on Survivalcraft and haven’t patched since the big electricity revamp. My little girl plays it a bit because she likes to their animal eggs all over and watch the giraffes – but even she prefers MCPE where she can build things that look and feel more fun to her. She is four and she goes where the fun is.

      So what are you playing?

      1. Well I’m not really playing games anymore. I spend most of my time creating music on an app called Caustic. Leads me to hope that someday I might create music for videogames or movies.

  3. Playing well er…LOTRO as ever. On the way to and work playing mindless D.o.T. android pokemon rip off… keep telling myself to stop and keep loading it…OOPS I know it is pointless…wish I could find a fun FREE android game…strategy and or RPG (devastated but my shitty phone does not run the new Dungeon Keeper game…would have loved to see how this plays…oh and my eldest destroyed the tablet…another is planned for his bday!)

    1. Hi mate, I’ve been having romantic thoughts about LOTRO lately. I might give it another try and use my huge number of TPs to buy my way past the grind… At least until they run our 😀

      1. I wish you all the best of luck…it has changed a LOT…it is too easy at the moment…some like some hate…but I do reccomend a try…Which server DID u play on?

    1. I’ve managed to get the littlun hooked on old JRPGs… the reading level is great for him to practice his reading without realising! so we’ve been playing final fantasy 5 on the tablet and found Suikoden and a couple of other old PS1 rpgs up in the loft. I think Baldur’s Gate is now available on android too… though may still be delayed.

      shoulda made this one comment 😛

      1. The Boy here is obsessed with GW2 – I’ve had to buy a new slot for him just to keep him off my main, a level 80 engineer he was desperate to play. He’s now the proud owner of a level 8 Charr engineer with a flame turret and grenade bag 😀

  4. heya 🙂 i’m… faffing about with games tbh! basically waiting for ESO to launch, so I’m getting nostalgic and popping in and out of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, still playing lotro a little and trying out SWTOR…

    c’mon end of the month!

      1. Erm no I don’t think it is fair, it just smacks of sour grapes if I’m honest. And I’ve seen a lot of sloppy get on the bandwagon ‘journalism’ and simply incorrect information floating about The catalyst for the backlash seems to be daring to have a sub and the pre order details. Its shaping up to be a good game, no not ground breaking but it does manage to straddle both elder scrolls and mmos which is unique. The chars and landscape are gorgeous, if you like that art style, the combat controls are horrible but get better with practice, quests are fun, if you’re alone you actually have to think about pulls, crafting is v good.

        Whether I’m going to be playing in 6 months or whether it’ll end up free to play is yet to be seen, it does have promise though 🙂

        1. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought. The sub-model does seem a really out-dated idea and I think that, to a journo, must look like the game is doomed. I expect it’ll go free at some point – that or go under, I can’t see a sub model working these days (*cough* SWTOR *cough*) but I think the love of the EO universe means it must have a great chance of doing well. I speak as someone who’s never played an WO game though 😀 I’m still such an MMO noob – my background was all Doom and Quake games 😀

          1. Yeah I’m not sure of the future of payment models, I don’t think the whole f2p/b2p is as lucrative as it seems. While I like the freedom of f2p I can’t help but think I got a better deal in the old sub days…. Hopefully the pymt model will evolve and I guess I’m hoping that the sub model isn’t dead… I think ESO has a chance to pull it off but I have no idea really!

            PS I think there is a beta for this weekend, I should have a spare key if you’re interested, let me know :). Pps if you do its a 20 gig DL, so start asap 😉

            Ppps. *cough* reroll on laurelin *cough*

            1. Aww that’s a a lovely thought and thank you mate, but it’s not a game I’m planning on getting into (I simply can’t afford a sub these days – damn kids!!) so I’ll be content to read about it in your blog 😀

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