Elite Dangerous: And the obsession begins…

It’s been a slow build up, but I’m now officially knee-deep in an obsessive relationship with Elite: Dangerous.

I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but I have a repeating pattern when it come to games that stretches all the way back to the first computer games I played in the 80s. I become obsessed by them. Not by playing them, you understand, although that does come later on for some games, but rather by the anticipation of playing them. Once I fall for the premiss of a game I can’t get it out of my head. Every waking moment is governed by thoughts of it, dreams become haunted by it, conversations hijacked by it, family & friends bored with it.

Now in the dim and distant past I had to work hard to desperately try and sate this ultimately insatiable beast but, as with many things, the internet has made this so much easier, providing me with podcasts, previews, developer dairies, youtube footage and even, if I’m really desperate, forums (shudder). And, dear reader, it is in precisely this state you now find me in relation to Frontier Developments upcoming release of the much anticipated Elite 4, or Elite Dangerous (I still hate that bloody name! It’s meaningless! Elite Forever would have been far better, or Elite Eternal, but not Elite Dangerous!).

Ever since they released the Capital Shop Battle video I knew the beast inside was going to rise again but it really wasn’t until I caught up on the podcasts and youtube videos covering the first Alpha release that I felt it wake up and sharpen its claws – thank Cthulhu I didn’t do this until after the Xmas and New Year break otherwise the good lady Antfarm would have divorced me!

So, here I am, eating, sleeping, dreaming ED and do you know what? I bloody love it! If only the games I become obsessed about could live up to and match the perfect image I create for them. Most don’t but I have a sneaky feeling that ED may come the closest so far 😀



  1. I remember dreaming of Elite when I first played it…I dreamt I could play whereas in reality I was a star rotating nightmare…I found out years later that this was probably more due to a faulty joystick (it failed to reset) than lack of skill.

    Indeed I probably fell into the camp of head on dog fighter more than run away and blast to smithereens with rear gun camp or even worse the stationary turret camp!

    Looking forward to this but trying to ignore so don’t start dreaming….I hope I dont suck…I dont have a joystick to blame anymore!

    1. Hi mate, I’m not surprised I’m not alone in dreaming about games, but it’s nice to have it confirmed ;-D

      I’m a dog-fighter too, never played a game where I didn’t revert to “run in and kill every fucker I can see and then worry about it after” mode. I’m hoping ED allows for complex builds so I can go full Iron Ass! Ram a 10MW up someone’s turret and blast them into a new system – hoohah!

      I’ve bought myself a joystick and downloaded the Pioneer free game – I’m going to practice Newtonian flight until ED comes out and then I can pull off the amazing ballet moves that YouTubers like Isinona are so good at 😀

      1. AHA..Hunting high n low to take on me! The sun always shines on TV and in Elite!
        Nope still not going to play with Newton Space combat sim…however accurate it may be! Wish you luck though and have fun… 🙂

        1. No worries, you can turn on flight assist and the ship flies like it did in Elite 😀 In fact, reading the forums and blogs, etc. it seems even the Newtonians out there flight with that part turned off until they want to pull off something swish – the rest of the time it’s all fly-by-wire goodness 🙂

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