Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… What we need is a roadmap…

A comment thread started on the latest post from Kaalus that had nothing to do with post and everything to do with wanting zombies in the game. If you follow his blog you’ll know there is nothing unusual in that but this time there was a note of weary resignation in the comments. It was as if the players making them not only knew that Kaalus would never add their requests, but that Kaalus would never add anything like them either. That sense of something akin to defeat saddened me because no player should feel that about the game they enjoy. I replied with something I hope will be seen by Kaalus, a request for him to address his players via his blog and set out a roadmap for the game.

I’m going to expand on that quick reply here, but I’m also going to email him too. I doubt I’ll hear back, but hey ho, it’s got to be worth a try, right?

Dear Kaalus,

First off let me say how much I’ve enjoyed your game over the last few months. You’ve only to rifle back through posts on my blog to see how much fun I’ve had trying to survive and build a shelter capable of keeping the wolves and rain out. But you’ll also see a number of posts in which I express my concerns over the direction you are taking the game in. Whether it is the addition of mechanics to manage health or the large expansion of fauna, I’ve been vocal in my lack of understanding and, to coin a horrible marketing phrase, absence of ‘buy in’.

Now I realise that despite having bought three copies of your game, I’m just a tiny speck in a crowd, but I’d like to take this opportunity to address you personally and ask for something. I’m not going to ask you to add feature X, Y or Z and I have no intentions of mentioning the words ‘zombie’, ‘pet’ or ‘minecarts’. No, what I want to ask you for is some time and an explanation. I would very much like you to take time out of your busy schedule to put a roadmap of your ideas up on your blog. I want to understand where you are heading with the game over the next few months/year because, and I will be very candid here, I want to know if it is a journey I want to make with you.

You see, if you are going to take the game down a certain route towards being the kind of game I don’t want to play, I’d like to know now as it would save me time and you earache from more of my blog posts. If, on the other hand, you are going somewhere I’d like to go too, then I’m going up stick around and hopefully persuade more of my friends to come with me.

Every post you publish on your blog generates a slew of comments packed with feature requests and no matter what you, I, or anyone else thinks of those requests they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt your game has passionate followers who feel very strongly that it needs to expand and become more than it currently is. If you were to take my roadmap request seriously you could answer a great deal of those requests, either affirming or rejecting them, in one go. Additionally if you were to publish your roadmap on your blog as a page similar to the change log, then people could be referred there to see that the request they want is due out in the next update, is possibly going to happen one day or can never happen because of technical limitations.

A roadmap post, possibly with a Q&A in the comments, that led to a permanent but changing/evolving roadmap page on your blog would be the perfect place to address the ever-repeating calls for multiplayer, mods, NPCs, transport and breedable/tameable animals, to name but a few. Personally I’d like to know more about your thoughts on terrain generation, use of narrative structure within the game and the potential for long term replayability, although that just names my top three of several 🙂

Anyway, I think I’ve taken up enough of your time with this message. Hopefully it strikes a chord with you and my desire to support Survivalcraft is clear. Thanks again for a fun game and I hope you too feel a roadmap would be a worthwhile endeavour.

Yours in play,
HeadBurro Antfarm.



  1. I love the point you are trying to make. I sure hope Kaalus responds to your email as I myself have been left wondering what direction the game is going in. I wouldn’t be surprised if he replied, as he has answered 3 of my emails.

  2. I sent Kaalus an e-mail about the whole mod and multiplayer thing. Sent it about 2-3 days ago. Still haven’t gotten a reply.

  3. Man I sure would hope Kaalus is heading toward clothes and the alpaca because mcpe is going places fast and is very addicting, yet I will stay with survivalcraft because it’s the more smoother game and the electrics really give it an edge at the moment. It seems though that may not stand because with in the month mcpe will have redstone devices. Oh well I just pray that Kaalus knows what he’s doing!

    1. Hi mate, welcome to the blog. I know I keep saying it but I really think Kaalus is facing a lot competition from MCPE. Hell, even as it stands now in its 0.7 stage it’s more fun than SC to play. Sure SC has a better update history and very dedicated dev, but the original MCPC wasn’t exactly brilliant fun until Mojang expanded the team and brought in fresh thinking. Once that happened MCPC became more fun & replayable and that’s what I feel Kaalus has to address now, the replayability of SC.

      It’s obvious that MCPE is now being developed in earnest and I expect the update schedule will more closely match that of SC for a while. But where SC expands on features player don’t ask fior, MCPE is going to add the kind of features people actually want, namely multiplayer, redstone, carts, larger worlds and a greater parity with the PC version. When you add to the all the things about MCPE that are more fun than SC right now (mob design and behaviour for one) I think the writing is on the wall for SC, and that’s a damn shame.

      1. Kaalus is just one person; maybe he needs a team of developers. Like you said, MC didn’t get popular until fresh thinking came aboard and spread the word. Maybe that’s what Kaalus needs; a team of developers.

  4. It is a shame. However, we do have a few more shots at this. When Kaalus eventually allows us to make and upload mods for Survivalcraft, that’ll be the day SurvivalCraft comes out on top.

  5. I just read that headburro antfarm I agree with ya. There needs an area on kaalus’ blog to take or reject requests.

    1. Hate when he ignores!!!! stoopid idiot on my bus keeps calling ostriches flamingos, screames at ME cause Kaalus doesn’t have the (I don’t know or care) to add multiplayer.he took a pool in one of his first post asking what they wanted. Response then: multiplayer (by 56%) Response now: multiplayer (by 90 something %) WELL HELLO! I THINK U MADE DAT POLL.4 A REASON!!!!

      1. I sent him an e-mail. No response.

        I sent him another e-mail completely on the mod issue. No response.

        Made a whole post about why we need mods and multiplayer and sent him lots of links! NO RESPONSE.

        Any more ignoration of the gamers from Kaalus: He’ll have no fan-base to play Survivalcraft.

      1. Thanks sorry I was like when asked you that question and it disspeared I’m like am I blacklisted and then I saw it said awaiting moderation sorry it happens with me all the time.

      1. I have asked the Pokémon mod creator for Minecraft if he would kindly consider making it for Survivalcraft. He said, and I quote, “Not even slightly interested.” I know at least 200-500 or more players that will be dissapointed. Including myself.

          1. Start a cruel world


          2. I can see why you’re playing mcpe because mojang had said on there website the new update will be here around December to christmas hope there’s carts and all this stuff said on their tweets I want endermans so I may have ended pearls so I can say astalavista creepers.

            1. Take a look at Rageelixir on YouTube, he’s in the MCPE 0.8.0 beta and showing some of the new stuff. Minecarts are and working well. Breeding is in at last. Endermen are planned for the next update I think.

          3. But at the most on mcpe’s update in December I might be focusing on it for weeks testing new features.

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