Whilst over in Minecraft, Yet more props to Jeb

Over on the reddit thread I mentioned in my last post another question was asked about SurvivalCraft and Jeb (MCPE dev & Mojang founder along with Notch I think) gave another good answer that really speaks to me because he mentions he like one of the aspects of the game I like too. Here’s the Q&A from reddit and afterwards I’ll tell you why this chimes so much with me too.

[–]ivanoski-007 1 point 1 day ago

How do you consider survival craft in comparison to your product, do you consider it to be more advanced? Why?

[–]jeb_[S] 3 points 1 day ago

We’ll not talk about SurvivalCraft during our panel, but clearly it has a whole bunch of really cool features. I personally love the ship animation that happens when you create a new world.

On the other hand, SurvivalCraft doesn’t have multiplayer (as far as I know), so it’s much easier for them to add features.

For me, apart from Jeb liking SC but not being familiar with it enough to be sure about multiplayer, the thing that resonated so strongly with me was his liking for the ship at the start. I mentioned this in my 8 SC improvements post saying that the ship adds a much needed sense of narrative structure that is missing from the rest of the game and maybe, just maybe, in not alone in liking a story whilst I’m playing 🙂



  1. Strange thing about the gravestones Kaalus put in the latest release is they have no names on them! He could have made a little story up about a legendary pirate family or a group of settlers that disappeared. When you find the gravestones it would have some of those names on it. Really strange that this game has no books or parchements as items with some snippets of story on them. Usually a game maker wants to tell a story, even if its a dumb one. I’m thinking once he completes all the generated structures he wants to do, he’ll put out a story, even if its a somewhat random and generic one. For example, each time you find a gravestone, it would have one of several names, a few of which significant to the narrative. I guess with the memory units now keeping their info, you could write some words in them, an put them in a chest. You’d take the memory unit out, slap it on a wall, click on the pencil icon, look at the contents. Oops just occurred to me you are only limited to letters A thru F!

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