Whilst over in Minecraft, Give Props to Jeb!

Over on the MCPE subreddit one of the key Mojang devs has asked for questions from players that he can add to the MCPE panel at the Minecraft convention in London (all details are slightly hazy as I’m not very MLG as you should have guessed by now 😉 ). One player asked how much of Survivalcraft was ripped off from MCPE and Jeb’s answer is rather nice…

anonymau5 2 points 1 day ago

[–]jeb_[S] 15 points 1 day ago

SurvivalCraft has some cool ideas, but we’ll not talk about it during our panel. The game has a very frequent update rate, but things are sooo much easier when you don’t have to care about multiplayer synchronization.

We don’t mind people playing SurvivalCraft. Some competition is always healthy and keeps us from being lazy 😉

Not a bad attitude, huh 🙂



  1. I don’t think Kaalus even cares or needs to know what Minecraft is doing. He’s got his own thing going in in its own direction, and he could probably give exhaustive examples of how its development is much different than MC. His blog is testament of how he constantly resists the petulant screams of rude children demanding certain MC features in SC.

    There are Minecraft conventions? With over a couple of million SC users, SC could probably have a convention, too, but where would you find a McDonald’s playland the size of a stadium?

    1. The fact he didn’t even have a copy of MCPE untitrue needed to figure out split touch shows that he’s staying true to his own vision. The only problem with that is you need an original or fundamentally different game to have the luxury to do that. SC is essentially a clone of MCPE/MC but ignoring many of the ideas and mechanics that make MCPE/MC fun and replayable.

  2. The newest featured animal in SC was the burro. My daughter rides around in a burro in creative mode building things, because she says it can take the greatest fall damage.

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