Meanwhile, in SurvivalCraft… How To Upload Worlds!

SC HBA 0One of the many marvelous things about SC is that you can upload and download texture packs and worlds created by the community, but the act of uploading isn’t quite as straight forward as it might, at first thought, seem. I always assumed that Kaalus hosted all the worlds on a server somewhere but this would be hideously expensive so what he does is allow the players to upload their own worlds & textures to Dropbox and then put a link to that location in the community content section. Given that I’m always confuserated by this, I decided to make a video to demonstrate and explain. I had intended it to be 5 mins long at the most… it’s 13. Fail 😀

Here’s my 13 minute long “How to…” video with the totally pro ending 😉 If you want me to do any more “How to…”s leave me a comment.



  1. Bravo, thank you, that’s exactly what I needed to know! It did not seem logical to me to go to Private, Get Content, in order to login to Dropbox! Especially since I’m to ultimately be going to Single Player, Modify to Upload the world!!

  2. thanks soooo much for making this video! it actually worked! i’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for days!

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