Meanwhile, in SurvivalCraft… I can see my house from here!

Version 1.23 is out (as of writing only on Google Play, Amazon, Windows and Apple app stores will get it in a few days) and I decided to check out the new improved draw distance as that’s one of the features I was most looking forward to in the update*.

I have a 1st gen Nexus 7 and even with the DD set to 196 blocks (2.5x normal) I found it worked fine. In the video below I do talk about some sluggishness but as soon as I stopped recording that went so I’m convinced it was down to the fact the tablet was dumping the screencast to the drive rather than an inability to handle 2.5x. This is great news as I loved the 196 blocks setting! It allowed for a deeper sense of the world around you and increased the sense of immersion into that world and I can only imagine how much better it will render large builds or beautiful vistas. Take a look at the video below if you’ve not had chance to update yet, or are on a slower device and are wondering if upgrading is worth it.

* The other was generated structures but as he’s only put grass traps and gravestones in, I’m not that excited about that feature in this update – let’s see what 1.24 & beyond brings in this area.


  1. Guess what I’m reporting you’re abusiveness and I don’t care you must be reported.

  2. I just cranked up the draw distance to the max experimental setting after the application recognized my device (old EVO3d) was a fast one and encouraged me to try it. My screen is small enough that it is showing me the maximum I could physically even see without maybe a magnifying glass!
    Before the magnets were in the game, this farther drawing distance would have been very helpful finding landmarks to get back when I would get lost. Anyway this is truly a feature MCPE does not have since their maps are limited in size and walled in.
    I finally found some of the graves. A hint is to look for them in the desert biomes where they stand out. Occasionally there was one generated with four touches on the side of them which would have been neat to discover at night. Also, they are very worthwhile to find because of their contents!
    Have not found a grass trap yet, and I was hoping he was generating mineshafts in this version, but evidently not.

    1. I’m hoping he’s giving some serious thought to more substantial generated structures in the next updates, but given how he thinks about the game in a very different way to me I’m not holding my breath 😀

  3. Speaking of generated structures, my daughter figured out how to identify Kaalus’ new generated structure of random grass traps: She sees them flying over snow biomes. They stand out as 4×4 grids of grass because the snow won’t collect on them, but falls through them! Wonder if that would even fool an animal in the game.

    1. Ha! Clever lass! I’ve not seen one myself, but I’ve not played the game much since 1.23 came out, just messed about with truth tables and stone generators. To be honest, I’m more excited about the upcoming MCPE update. Sigh.

  4. I don’t suppose you know how to make a cobble stone generator do you, if not I can show you. I also have made a self replicating underwater walkway.

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