Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… 1.23 is out!

Kaalus has released the latest update to the Google Play Store so if, like me, you are on Android you should be able to update now.

I’ve not had much time to play, but I’ve managed to make a 14 minute video showing off the new extended draw distance. It’s rendering now and I’ll upload it tomorrow morning 🙂



  1. My daughter and I really don’t like the shortened hitting range and the slower hit rate. Seems almost contradictory to celebrating the farther drawing distance! Perhaps to make up for it, we could have an item that we could target in the distance well beyond where you could throw a spear. I don’t expect it to hit the target with any significant damage, probably no damage like the snowball. A paper airplane perhaps.

    1. I’ve not had experience of that yet – this weekend has pretty much fallen off a cliff for me so I’not had any of the playtime I wanted, but it sounds like combat is going to be slower and maybe even a little harder and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

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