Whilst over in Minecraft… A Tour of Termite Canyon, Part 2

In the second part of this eight (or nine, I haven’t finished yet so I can’t be sure…) part series I take you on a tour from my main house, where I fail to notice anything odd about the re-appearance of all the chests I had failed to notice were missing in part 1, through a hollowed out mountain and eventually to a ruined temple on the far north-eastern corner of the of the map. Enjoy.

Oh, and sorry about the sound quality – these are all my first films so it’s a bit choppy and hissy. I’m trying to sort that out but without an external mic option on the tablet (and my unwillingness to re-record vocals) I’m not sure what I can do. I might see if I can separate off the audio and clean it up on the tablet before reattaching it during render.

All my Termite Canyon posts can be found here and the youtube playlist is here.

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